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Age 349 Hair Style n/a
Race Vaullian Hair Color n/a
Height 1.77 meters (5' 10") Eye Color Grey
Weight 131 kilograms (288 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Typically wears white robes

Profession Writer, philosopher..
Chief Location The city of Vaulstav in Vaul
Affiliations The Empyrean Regime.
Languages Vaulsk, Chaddi, Saradda, Magrakian, Aukarian, Padashi
Skills Philosophy, Religion, History, Art, Writing, Oratory, Linguistics, Poetry, Riddles


Loemar is a famous writer, philosopher and historian and one of the oldest members of the Empyrean Regime. He is fondly known as the "Puzzle Master" throughout Vaulstav because of his penchant for puzzles, riddles and word games.

Physical Appearance



This wealthy writer and patron of the arts is quite the eccentric and is said to hold tea parties with spirits, talk to flowers and dance in his garden by moonlight.

Notable Skills



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