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There are two separate and distinct versions of the vaullian language: High Vaulsk and Common Vaulsk. Both share many similarities.

High Vaulsk

This language is the original language. It is considered "classic" Vaulsk. It is a very sophisticated and complex language that becomes more elaborate with each passing century. High Vaulsk is used mostly by vaullian scholars, theologians, librarians, philosophers and sages.

Common Vaulsk

This version of the language is a greatly simplified version of High Vaulsk. It is likely that this language developed to facilitate interaction with other races that may have had unnecessary difficulty with High Vaulsk. Common Vaulsk is used in every day conversation, especially in interaction with other races.


The vaullian language is complex with many long words and complicated grammar. It takes a long time to say anything in Vaulsk. Vaullians take their time when speaking which sometimes frustrates non-vaullians with impatience. It is difficult to translate things in and out of Vaulsk.


Vaulsk is based on a vast alphabet of glyphs. Some glyphs represent a single sound, while other compound glyphs may represent a full word or even an entire concept.  There are many ancient glyphs that are rarely used today. The total number of glyphs is the subject of much debate among vaullian linguists and several books have been written that attempts to list them all. There are thousands at least. High Vaulsk uses much more of the total alphabet than Common Vaulsk does. Common Vaulsk utilizes less than 10% of the Vaulsk alphabet in everyday speech.

There are few non-vaullians who speak High Vaulsk and it is quite an impressive thing to greet your vaullian host in High Vaulsk.


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