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There are six distinct dialects of the chaddamarian language. Each one is devoted to one of the six Chaddamarian gods. This has integrated itself into Chaddamarian culture. The people of Chaddamar speak all six languages fluently and will switch from language to language based on context and the content of their speech. Angry thoughts are expressed with one language, love with another, logical deductions with a third, etc. This fluid speaking style can be very difficult for outsiders to deal with. It makes translation very difficult. Collectively, these six languages are casually referred to as "chaddi". However, each language has a specific name as well.

Language Associated Deity Description
Chaddi parel Choel Used for anger, forceful debate, in battle, in duels.
Chaddi tunar Ysranna Used for ideas of peace. Used by ambassadors.
Chaddi ebel Sennai Used for love, lust, passion, when discussing art.
Chaddi ten Banidor Used for education, debate, study and most every day work.
Chaddi sar Arradan Used for every day speech, celebrations, parties, etc.
Chaddi pron Kreshar Used when discussing "dark" topics such as death, magic and such. Used at night, at funerals, etc.


The six dialects of chaddi have distinctly different sounds to them, but enough similarity that they can be recognized as chaddi.


 The six chaddi dialects have different grammatical rules and different syntax. They are truly different languages. However, all six languages are based on a single alphabet and a single writing system. This alphabet consists of 80 characters and is based on a modified and simplified version of Haphitese.


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