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There are two aukarian dialects - Noble Aukarian and Common Aukarian. They are very similar in grammatical structure and share a common alphabet. They vary mostly in pronunciation. Noble Aukarian is traditionally used only by the upper four castes of aukarian culture - the nobles, the heralds, the warlords, the scholars and the craftsmen. The commoners of the Republic use Common Aukarian. Noble Aukarian is highly restricted. It is forbidden for the lesser castes to use it or even learn it. Foreigners and outlanders are likewise limited to Common Aukarian.




Both noble and common aukarian are based on a central 62 letter alphabet.


Aukarian English
Haft Yes
Ekt No
Pree Please
Dassat Thank You
Hassamad Hello
Tossan Goodbye
Haizen Outcast (a great insult)


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