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The Broadlands are a vast grasslands area between the dry lands of the Padashan Empire to the north, the Tanlur Mountains to the west and the Fekwar Mountains to the east.. The Broadlands have poor soil and few mineral resources. The grasslands are dotted here and there with small ponds and lakes.

The Padashan Empire advanced steadily southward for hundreds of years, conquering and annexing smaller kingdoms. The latest conquest was the city of Qazadeen. It's initial forays through the Broadlands was stopped by the city of Salhanrasha. Because there is little of economic value in the Broadlands, the empire is only interested in the Broadlands for its strategic location. It is the gateway to the Juenta Kingdoms, the Wind Plains, the Mytharians and Secambru beyond. The long term plans of the Empire can only be guessed at. But seeing as how the mytharians are fierce fighters and a single Secambru giant is an engine of destruction by himself, it is likely the Empire plans to conquer and use those two races in some military capacity. For now, Salhanrasha has stopped the imperial expansion southward.

The Broadlands are home to several types of roaming herds of herbivores, fast predators and various species of giant, flightless birds. A dragon named Allarixar lives in the western branch of the Fekwar Mountains. Allarixar often hunts in the Broadlands.


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