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The Tanlur Mountains have a very high mineral content and are rich in iron ore, copper, silver, gold and tin. All of these metals are found in huge quantities. Rare orichalcum, precious gemstones and ebony granite are also found here. The unusually dense rock and the high mineral content adversely affects the flow of magic deep in the mountains here. Spells have been known to function abnormally here and it is rumored that there are several "magic dead" zones where no magic will function at all.

Mining in the deepest parts of the Tanlur mountains is notoriously difficult. Mines have been plagued with all manner of problems - humanoid raids, illness and landquakes that collapse mines. For these reasons, most mining occurs on the edges of the mountains and such mines are under heavy guard.

Amarathea, the Tattooed Dragon, lives in a cluster of ruins in the Tanlur Mountains.


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