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Sarribella's House of Seers

Full Name Sarribella's House of Seers
Location City of Arcanum in Carrikos
Head Master Sarribella of the Mystic Sight
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 40-60/8/7
Demographics Human 75%, Dwarven 10%, Elven 10%, Grum 5%
Languages Carrik 100%
Year Founded 2697 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Personal examination.
Curriculum Divination magic
Yearly Tuition 360 gold carriks per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Iskren

The "House of Seers", as it is often called, is a small independent school in the city of Arcanum which teaches traditional magic with a strong emphasis on divination magic and an unapologetic skeptic's view of the worship of Vorkayne.

This school is small and struggling but it is run by a feisty and vocal headmistress who dislikes the mage priests of Vorkayne and all who worship. She believes firmly that the gods have no business in magic. Sarribella is an older, plump matronly woman of aging beauty. She teaches her students, mostly young women, in divination and mysticism. She also teaches them in various aspects of healing magic and mental magic to a lesser degree.

Sarribella is a strict vegetarian and teaches her students to respect all life. The seven teachers under her follow these practices as well.

Students of the "House" are taught basic alchemy, crystal tuning, aura manipulation, lucid dreaming and basic divination. They are taught ways to project their senses into other places, times and dimensions to evoke answers from the Universe. The school typically has around fifty students who study a seven year course. The school graduates less than ten students each year.


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