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Full Name Darklore
Location Duthelm
Head Master Jalek
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 150/12/40
Demographics Human 85%, Ogre 8%, Dwarven 3%, Saurian 3%, Grum 1%
Languages Northern 80%, Ogrish 5%
Year Founded 1720 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude test. Must be sponsored by a Black Sorcerer, Duthelm military officer or Duthelm noble.
Curriculum General magic, with an emphasis on evocation, battle magic and necromancy.
Yearly Tuition 250 gold pieces per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Iskren

Darklore is the most notorious wizards' school in eastern Ithria. This state run and state funded magical academy resides on several upper levels of the Citadel in Duthelm.

Duthelm realizes that magic can make it powerful and so diverts funds and resources into this academy to ensure a steady stream of skilled magi.

Many ambitious young people from Duthelm and beyond seek admittance to this school. Less than half are admitted. Some die in training. Others graduate with honors. At any time there will be about 150 students and about a dozen will graduate each year. The most talented graduates have the chance to go on to become Black Sorcerers, the elite spell casters of Duthelm.

Darklore is ruled by the sorcerer Jalek. Darklore has a regular faculty of 12 members. Black Sorcerers often will visit Darklore as guest teachers and lecturers to teach classes on high specialized topics. Forty servants tend the mundane needs of the school.

Darklore teaches the Iskren system of magical writing for most of its students. The highest ranking students studying advanced topics are sometimes allowed to study Bendothi (the secret code of the Black Sorcerers) as well.


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