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Blackwell's School of Spells

Full Name Blackwell's School of Spells
Location Normidia
Head Master Headmaster Belusar Blackwell
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 60/8/1
Demographics Human 70%, Elven 15%, Dwarven 10%,  Grum 5%
Languages Northern
Year Founded 2075 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude screening
Curriculum General magic.
Yearly Tuition 100 gold hammers per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Inedka


This small school in the capital city of Tykron is run by the Headmaster Belusar Blackwell, an accomplished wizard with many spells to his name. He oversees seven other lesser wizards who teach some 60 students the Art. Blackwell’s School of Spells draws students from all over Normidia and produces about a half dozen mages each year. In addition to basic magic spells, the school also teaches basic history, literature, reading, writing, mathematics, geography, heraldry and comparative religion. Blackwell believes in giving his students are well rounded education. He is a firm believer that mages should not be weak or ignorant in the world beyond their spellbook and so prepares his students for anything. Most students spend eight years at this school before Belusar grants them his "Certificate of Wizardry".

Blackwell's School of Spells sits on a hill about a mile outside of Tykron, amidst rolling fields and crops. It consists of a central school building surrounded by a high outer wall. The central school itself is a squat building of dark grey stone, square towers and a heavy oak shingle roof. Within the outer walls, the school has several gardens where the students grow fruit and vegetables. Cooking, cleaning and minor repairs are all done by the students and teachers. This gives the students a rather well rounded education as they learn to use their hands rather than just learning everything from books. It also makes Blackwell's somewhat independent.

There is only one staff member who is not on the faculty. His name is Old Tom and he is a rather crotchety, cranky old fusspot who tends the gardens and helps with minor repairs around the building. He seems to be happiest when he has something to complain about. Old Tom doesn't seem to like magic or wizards and one might wonder why he works at a wizard school. There is a persistent rumor that he is a failed student of magic, having once apprenticed under Belusar many long years ago. Despite his dour nature, he is well liked by the students and faculty. Old Tom can usually be found weeding the garden or fixing shingles on the roof, endlessly muttering to himself about the stench of magic or the noisy students or the weather or the cat.


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