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Sear and Sunder, The Stormblades of Trisark

Other Names Trisark's Stormblades
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

Trisark's Stormblades appear as a matching pair of double edged blades (about one meter long). Each is a finely crafted, well balanced blade forged from a gleaming silver metal with swirls that are reminiscent of storm clouds. The metal has a lustrous shine which appears blue. The blades are named "Sear" and "Sunder". Blue-white lightning flickers along the lengths of these two blades continuously whenever they are unsheathed. If the blades are held near one another, the lightning will arc between them.


This magnificent pair of matching blades was forged in secret by Dragul, an Padashani blacksmith and enchanted by his friend, Faragus, a ship mage and talented enchanter. Faragus imbued the blades with his "storm magic". The blades were created during the Age of Sorrow and were wielded by Faragus until his death. At that time, Dragul gave them to his son, Dreomar, who carried them in the Pushark Campaign in the Borderlands. They were lost for a time when he fell in battle and have surfaced in different locations in Qeshir over the centuries. For a long time there were held by a flamboyant half elven sword master named Trisark. He held them for over a century and used them in countless battles and campaigns. The blades become known as "Trisark's Stormblades" and the name has remained, even after Trisark's death. It is rumored that a Sybrenar warlord carried them for a time after Trisark's death. Currently they are held by the Mercian sea captain, Callister Draabyn.


Up to seven times per day, these two blades can unleash a blast of lightning and thunder in the direction they are pointed. The two blades must be held out together, parallel to each other. The wielder of the swords must simply will them to unleash their "storm fury". When this is done, a blinding bolt of lightning will streak out in a straight line following the path of the blades. However, it will also follow the path of least resistance. Therefore, metal surfaces, puddles, wet floors, wet walls and so forth may influence or divert the path of the lighting stroke. The exact path of the lightning will depend greatly upon the exact environment and circumstances.At the same time, the blades will unleash a clap of thunder. Anyone caught in the path of the lightning bolt will hurled back by tremendous force and will be burned. The force of this blast is enough to crack stone, shatter windows and blow open doors.

Drellis Effect Response

This twin blades are unaffected by the stellar phases.



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