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Callister Draabyn

"I've got everything under control."

Age 37
Race Human
Height 1.75 meters (5'9")
Weight 74.8  kilograms (165 lbs)
Gender Male
Hair Style Shoulder length hair, moustache, goatee. 
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Distinguishing Marks Yntharian Glyph tattoos covering 70% of body
Typical Clothing Grey blue Drakkellian long coat
Notable Equipment Twin swords, spyglass
Profession Captain of the Third Wind.
Chief Location Mercia, but sails from Kalimura to Rukemia and all coastal port cities in between.
Affiliations The Third Wind, Knight of Rukemia, Travelers Elite
Languages Rukemian, Southern, Northern, Drakkellin, Magrakian
Skills Seamanship, Navigation, Sword Fighting, Stealth, Climbing, Acrobatics, Swimming, Rope Use


Callister Draabyn is the well known (some would say infamous) captain of the Third Wind, an aging but well-loved Mercian cargo galley that sails the Sapphire Main. In his younger days, he was known as the "Cursed Mariner" because of his incredibly, almost comical, bad luck. However, years of sailing and adventure across the seas and in distant lands have tempered the unlucky sailor into a battle hardened, and somewhat crazed, sea captain of legendary reputation.

Callister and his fiercely loyal crew have been sailing up and down the Ithrian coasts for many years and frequently sail to Qeshir and beyond. The Third Wind has journeyed all the way to Aggradar and is one of the few ships known to have sailed completely around the world. Having recently returned from that grand voyage, Callister and his crew can now be found sailing the Sapphire Main once again. He is frequently in port at Drakkel, Asylum and Freeport. Callister's sister, Cassandra Draabyn, owns and operates a tavern in Freeport. On occasion, Callister and the Third Wind will travel to Rukemia, Kitar and Anquar.

Physical Appearance

Callister Draabyn is a handsome 37 year old human male of average height and build. He has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and a neatly trimmed goatee. He wears a Drakkellian long coat over an etched chest plate of black lacquered steel. Various pieces of equipment are strapped here and there with a belted harness underneath the coat. Twin blades are slung low on his hips and he wears a satchel over one shoulder. He would be relatively unremarkable if it were not for the unusual tattoos that adorn his arms and face and the glint of self assured madness in his eyes.

The tattoos are Yntharian holy glyphs and they covered almost 70% of his body, although normally only the tattoos on the hands and face are visible. These tattoos are enchanted and protect Callister from magical attack. The tattoos will glow slightly whenever they are repelling some spell or magical effect.


Callister Draabyn has been present at some of the defining events in Ithria's recent history. His exploits and adventures are often told and retold over mead in taverns across the lands and no one enjoys retelling the stories of his adventures more than Callister himself.

A few of the more notable tall tales include the following:

During the second Demon War, he and several adventuring companions were captured by Duthelm and held in the dungeons of the Citadel for a time until the group managed to escape. The escape method of escape varies somewhat with each retelling.

Callister once fought Sirreth the Unholy, the leader of the Knights of the Abyss, in a sword duel atop the crumbling stone wall of Myranor during the Siege of Myranor only a few years ago. This one is true and there were many eye witnesses. The fact that he had at least four companions fighting with him is always overlooked when Callister tells the story.

During the Third Wind's trip across the ocean to distant Aggradar, the ship was attacked by thallasians and, during the battle, Callister launched himself out of the ship's catapult and landed on the back of a terrible sea beast.

It is also widely rumored that there is an ongoing feud between Callister Draabyn and the pirate Tosadds.

Callister  has been heard to utter that he has "everything under control" on more than one occasion, although when he says this he is usually steering an out of control wagon with his foot while sword fighting or clinging to the tail of an irate dragon or on fire.

Callister Draabyn is a decadent womanizing playboy who drinks, smokes and gambles constantly. He is self-aggrandizing, boastful and adores being the center of attention.

Despite his character flaws, the crew of the Third Wind is fiercely loyal to Callister Draabyn and will cross blades with anyone who speaks ill of him. To serve aboard the Third Wind is to be part of something special and they know it. The crew do much more than simply follow Callister's orders. Indeed, it is known that they protect the captain, sometimes from himself. On at least one occasion, they prevented a very drunk Callister Draabyn from losing the ship in a high stakes card game by rigging the game.

Notable Skills

Callister Draabyn has been on the high seas for most of his life. He is a master mariner, a weathered captain and has all the skills that one would expect with such a title. He is an expert seaman and navigator. He can swim like a fish, tie a hundred different knots, make repairs to a ship and sail through the fiercest storm. He is equally skilled in combat having mastered a variety of blades and combined swordplay with a unique frenzied form of tumbling and acrobatics that is all his own. He combines this with wall climbing, jumping and swinging from chandeliers that turns every fight into a chaotic ballet.

Notable Equipment

Callister Draabyn has several unique pieces of equipment:

Trisark's Storm Blades - A set of matching short swords imbued with "storm magic". Said to be imbued with the energy of a sea storm in each blade. One vibrates with thunder, the other crackles with lightning. All many of storm like effects have been witnessed when the two blades are used together.

Callister's armor consists of several pieces of plate armor taken from a fallen Knight of the Abyss. The armor is fashioned of ebony mithril and etched with the markings of the Knight of the Abyss. The armor is enchanted to be lighter and stronger than normal steel. Callister wears this armor underneath the Drakkellian long coat.

The spyglass which Callister keeps upon his person is enchanted such that as the barrel is rotated for focus, many different things can be seen - life force, magical energy, etc. This is one of Callister's prized possessions.


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