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What follows is a brief sampling of some of the more famous (and notorious) ships that have sailed the seas of Khoras divided up by category. For a complete list of all ships sailing the sea around Ithria, refer to the master list:

Master Ship List - Alphabetical by Ship Name


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Famous Ships of War

Ship Name

Nationality Captain Notes
Black Orchid Rukemian Morgull
human male
The flagship of the Great Rukemian Empire. This massive vessel is slow, but houses much firepower. It has never been defeated in battle.
Iron Gauntlet Kalimuran Daurell
human male
The Flagship of Kalimura. Extensive technology is incorporated into its construction. The Kalimurans jealously guard this ship's design.
Green Dragon Coalition Fallathor
half ogre male
Although the Coalition has no true flagship (as there is some dispute over the title), the Green Dragon is the best known Coalition warship and is the most feared on the seas.
Hellspawn Vorrik Tranth
dwarf male
The Vorrikan flagship. This small, but stout vessel is undefeated in battle against Borrellian longships and has weathered legendary storms in the Crystal Deep.
Nemesis Drakkel Hollandar
elf male
The Nemesis is the flagship of the Drakkellian fleet, whose primary duty is to quell piracy throughout the Sea of Chaos.
Pride of Mercia Mercia Berric
human male
This is the flagship of the Mercian fleet. Primarily a pirate hunter.
Silent Running Ormek Entauri
orc male
This large ship was once the pride of Rukemia, but is now run down and falling apart.Ormek does not have the money to make much needed repairs.
Stroke of Lightning Kitar Orphius
human male
This fast, sleek ship is the flagship of Kitaran naval forces and is the lead ship of the fleet in defending against Borrellian raids.
Wandering Warrior Borrell Korroth
borrellian male
Although Borrell has no flag ship, this particular ship is the most notorious and feared for it has eluded the combined fleets of Kitar and Rukemia for over 10 year under Korroth's command.
Warhammer Arkalia Ishgan
human male
Arkalia's small fleet is led by this flagship. It rarely sees battle and then only against the occassional far reaching Borrellian marauder or pirate.
Seawolf Normidia Havosk
human male
Normidia's fleet is commanded from this flagship and, like the ships of Arkalia and Vorrik, mainly does battle with Borrellian longships and hunts corsairs.
Dweomer Corvenia Sysk
corvenian female
This is a small warship bearing the standard of the Corvenian council. Compared to the fleet's of larger nations, this is a small ship with limited combat ability.
Steadfast Drakkel Comar Temill
human male
This ship is rugged and designed to withstand the worst storms. Categorized as a "search and rescue" vessel, it is usually sent out to patrol the coast for foundering ships during bad weather. The Steadfast also patrols for pirates, escorts ships and provides rapid transport of precious government cargoes. First Officer is named Brok. Ship's Mage, a powerful sea mage, is Brillon Taur. Standard crew compliment of 12. . 
Gladiator Mercia Kroetha, human male A Mercian military ship. Assigned to the west coast of Mercia. Currently stationed at Willow Bay. Tasked with protecting the west coast from pirate attacks and saurian raids.

Well Known Trader Vessels

Ship Name

Nationality Captain Notes
Adrienne's Lover Mercia Adrienne
human female
A beautiful, but lonely raven-haired woman commands this ship, who, it is said, pines for a lost lover.
Cloud Seeker Rukemian Vandru
human male
A large merchant ship with a long history. It has seen seven captains.
Falcon Pirate Isles Thuron
ogre male
The Falcon is a small, but swift and lucky ship that has escaped far too many battles intact.
Gate Runner Pirate Isles Skargken
orc male
This ship specializes in illegal cargos and eluding capture by authorities. On several occasions, it has penetrated harbor barricades.
Inflexible Drakkellian Alliance Rexor
human male
This huge ship is heavily armored and, some say, protected by magic. It is renowned for never faltering and always arriving on time. It maintains several regular shipping runs.
Limping Fox Mercia Kellorun
grum male
Nine times this ship has been hijacked, run aground or sunk. But due to his wealth and contacts, the captain has managed to have it recaptured and repaired each time. He loves this ship more than life or gold.
Port Finder Normidia Yarandor
half dwarf male
The captain of this vessel has a friendly rivalry going with Tranth, captain of the Hellspawn.
Raider Arkalia Valetia
elven male
This ship is ruled by a Valetia, an elven mariner who is a blend of paladin and sea captain.
Seahawk Kitar Kalletrun
human male
This ship was formerly a pirate's vessel, but was captured, sold and converted into a reputable trader.
Third Wind Mercia Callister Draabyn human Male A well known privately owned mercenary cargo transport captained by the notorious Callister Draabyn. Known for having travelled to all three continents and around the world.
Warthog Drakkellian Alliance Sancho
human male
Despite this ship's small size, Sancho has gained some fame as a reliable transport for small mercenary companies.


Notorious Pirate Ships

Ship Name

Captain Notes
Eye of the Storm Karas
half orc male
This ship, which travels all the seas, is blessed and cursed. It is magically enchanted to calm waters and channel winds such that any storm will be calmed about it. However, a storm follows this ship constantly. It has been banned from every port city, but it pays little heed to such restrictions. The captain and crew realize that they have perhaps the only invincible ship on the sea and so go where they will. The Eye of the Storm wanders the Wild Sea, the Sea of Chaos and the Sapphire Main. Karas often takes his ship deep into the Wild Sea, exploring distant tropical island chains.
Mirage Petrark
human male
This ship strikes fear into the hearts of honest captains all along the Sapphire Main. The entire ship is enchanted such that it can become invisible. It has used this ability to attack other ships and then elude the law many times. The Mirage prowls the coast of the Rukemian Empire.
Renegade Mothok
half ogre male
Mothok prowls the Captured Sea and is careful not to anger the authorities too much. He makes himself a nuisance, but never such a threat that any of local nations sends too many ships after him. Somewhere in the Capture Sea, it is suspected he has a hidden lair, but it has never been found.
Rolling Thunder Narian
half elf male
Rolling Thunder keeps to the Western Ocean. There is much less traffic on the seas to the west and that suits Narian just fine. He prefers to be the only serious pirate in the west. Narian is a typical pirate and his crew is just barely loyal to him. He keeps them in line with violence and rewards.
Seer's Vision Vitul
half ogre male
Vitul is a cunning adversary and always seems to know what step his opponent is going to take. In truth, Vital holds a gifted diviner captive on board and uses her talents of seeing the future to aid him. Seer's Vision hunts the Sea of Chaos.
Spiteful Pangros
orc male
Yet another ship that survives on what it can take by force from others. Pangros is a cowardly fighter and tends to run from any ship bigger than his. The Spiteful is often seen in the Wild Sea and the Sea of Chaos.
Trell's Revenge Trell
human male
This ship was a respectable trader until the second officer, Trell, mutinied and took the ship for himself. (After making the captain and first officer walk the plank). Trell's Revenge hunts the Captured Sea and the Crystal Deep.
Whip & Hammer Tosadds
ogre male
Perhaps the most feared pirate on the high seas, the tales of Tosadd's cruelty are many. The ship is manned with the misfits of society - ogres and baenites, bandits and thieves. The ship attacks fearlessly, laying waste to other ships and even coastal villages. Tosadds sails all the seas south of Ithria.
Scarlet Menace Heather the Red The Scarlet Menace's services can be had for a price. Captained by a fiery redhead, this ship has pirated for various factions within the Drakkellian Alliance and clients as far east as the Coalition, establishing a bloody reputation along the southern coast. Heather the Red, known for unequaled fervor on the battlefield and in the bedchamber, has retired scores of men in both settings. She is not without a small degree of compassion, however. Her crew consists mostly of former slaves, unburdened from previous masters, sometimes at sword-point. Their loyalty is the envy of other captains.
Warhawk Captain Krey A formerly respected captain of the Sybren Imperium naval forces, this captain and his ship have turned renegade. The Warhawk now operates as a pirate vessel, prowling the waters off the Sybrenar coastline.


Lost Ships of Note

Ship Name

Captain Notes
Far Wanderer Dukai
human male
The Far Wanderer left Freeport in the year 2680 and vanished without a trace. It was never seen again and no clue to its disappearance has ever been found.
Grey Raven Shadazir
Also known as the "Ship of Lost Souls". Is said to be a haunted ship manned by an undead crew. Only seen during storms. According to one survivor's tale, it attacked a ship during a stormy night and added the victims to its crew.
Heart of Kessnar Unknown Wreckage of this ship found on one of the many islands off the coast of Rukemia. Corpses and damage to the ship suggest attack by a large creature. No records of this vessel exist anywhere. No nation claimed the vessel as its own.
Homeward Bound Piure
human male
Was found floating in the Wild Sea two hundred kilometers of the coast of Myria. There was no trace of crew and no signs of battle. The cargo was intact including valuables and perishables. The ship had last been seen leaving the docks at Tykron two years earlier.
Storm Chaser Menjeko
grum male
Sank with a valuable treasure and, some say, a holy artifact from the Pre-Sundering days. Location of the wreck is unknown. Several groups searched for this shipwreck before eventually giving up.
Tempest Kellihain
human male
This famous ship literally sank into the history books. For some time before its maiden voyage, it was rumored that the captain had offended a god and that his ship was cursed to find a watery grave. Local gambling houses placed odds on the doomed ship and in the weeks preceding its launch, betting on the ship became a favorite pastime of the citizenry. While many believed the curse and would not set foot aboard it, thrill seekers, scholars, paladins, adventurers, pious clerics and more booked passage on the ship in hopes of adventure or a chance to battle the dark deity. When the day finally arrived, the ship left port on schedule and was followed by another ship, the recently renamed "Temptress" who hoped to provide a good show for its high paying passengers. Neither ship was ever seen again. Months later, survivors from the two ships began arriving back in Drakkel with wild tales of sea battles and godly magic, many of which conflict.
Wind Master Meverich
half grum male
A small merchant ship that left Arkalia some years ago with a mysterious passenger aboard and vanished into the Captured Sea.

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