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Seafaring Ships - Master List

The following is an alphabetical list of all ships including information on nationality, the type of vessel, the captain, the size of the crew and other important notes.

Ship Name Nationality Ship Type Captain Crew Notes
Adventure Asylum Cargo      
Adventurer Bathynia Cargo      
Ambassador Arkalia Military      
Angelic Arkalia Cargo      
Angry Cuss None Pirate      
Antelope Borrell Cargo      
Anterra Rukemia Cargo      
Ash and Fire Merdia Cargo Kurn    
Assassin's Knife Ormek Military      
Atlas Coalition Cargo      
Aura Carrikos Military      
Aurora Corvenia Military      
Avenger Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Azure Gem Ethara Cargo      
Bandit Coalition Cargo      
Bandit King Ormek Military      
Banishing Vogue Cargo      
Basilisk Kalimura Cargo      
Beach Bound Ormek Fishing      
Beached Whale Borrell Fishing      
Bear Bathynia Military      
Beauty of the Bends Mercia Cargo      
Bishop's Grace Carrikos Military      
Black Eel Garrison Fishing      
Black Guard Coalition Military      
Black Hills Normidia Military      
Black Orchid Rukemia Military      
Black Wolf Vorrik Military      
Blind Raven Ormek Cargo     A wide bellied cog.
Bloody Sword Pirate Isles Private      
Blue Heron Kitar Cargo      
Blue Turtle Corvenia Fishing      
Bonny Lass Bathynia Fishing      
Brandied Barrel Mercia Fishing      
Brave Rukemia Military      
Brazened Whore Vorrik Cargo      
Breakwater Asylum Cargo      
Bright Star Arkalia Cargo      
Brilliance Carrikos Military      
Bulldog Coalition Cargo      
Captain's Girl Arkalia Fishing      
Cardinal IV Carrikos Military      
Carrikos Carrikos Military      
Cascading Fall Corvenia Private      
Cavalier Arkalia Military      
Chaddar Carrikos Military      
Challenge Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Challenger Arkalia Military      
Champion Normidia Military      
Chancellor Arkalia Military      
Chariot of the Waves Kitar Fishing      
Chattering Duck Kitar Cargo      
Chieftain Bathynia Military      
Chrysalis Vogue Cargo      
Clay Duck Ormek Cargo      
Cliff Runner Mercia Military      
Cloud Hawk Mercia Cargo     Crew of 6.
Cloud Racer Pirate Isles Cargo      
Colossus Kitar Military      
Comet Rukemia Cargo      
Conquest Rukemia Exploration      
Courageous Vorrik Military      
Crescent Moon Arkalia Cargo      
Crying Queen Asylum Private      
Cutlass Pirate Isles Private      
Cutting Water Carrikos Fishing      
Daemon's Ire Coalition Military      
Damsel Pirate Isles Private      
Darksword Bathynia Military      
Dashing Wave Mercia Cargo      
Daybreak Ormek Cargo      
Dead Reckoning Drakkellian Alliance Fishing      
Deer Hunter Borrell Military      
Defender Arkalia Military      
Defiance Rukemia Military      
Degari's First Mercia Cargo      
Delta Prince Mercia Cargo      
Desert Fox Coalition Private      
Desolation Vorrik Cargo      
Devastation Duthelm Fishing      
Diamond Head Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Discovery Kalimura Cargo      
Distant Shore Corvenia Fishing      
Distant Thunder Drakkellian Alliance Fishing      
Dragon Borrell Military      
Dreadnaught Garrison Military      
Dread Tyrant Mercia Cargo      
Dreaming Sea Kitar Fishing      
Druid Kitar Private      
Duelist Vorrik Military      
Duke's Daughter Rukemia Private      
Eagle Borrell Military      
Eastport Ormek Cargo      
Eclipse Corvenia Cargo      
Eighth Sister Asylum Cargo     A freelance mercenary cargo ship. Bright green sails trimmed in gold.
Eldritch III Corvenia Private      
Eleuthra Mercia Cargo      
Elusive Pirate Isles Private      
Elven Ethara Cargo      
Emerald Lady Kitar Military      
Emperor's Coach Rukemia Military      
Empire Rukemia Cargo      
Empress Mercia Cargo      
Endeavor Ormek Military      
End of Days Mercia Cargo      
Endurance II Garrison Military      
Enterprise Kalimura Military      
Epic Bathynia Cargo      
Escapade Vogue Cargo      
Even Trade Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Evening Star Ethara Cargo      
Evermoor Pirate Isles Cargo      
Excelsior Rukemia Military      
Exiled Pirate Isles Private      
Explorer Kalimura Exploration      
Eye of the Demon Coalition Private      
Fairy Ethara Private      
Falcon Borrell Military      
Falling Ash Mercia Cargo      
Falling Hammer Arkalia Cargo      
Far Wanderer Bathynia Cargo      
Far West Ethara Cargo      
Fat Dog Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Fat Fish Corvenia Fishing      
Fearless Pirate Isles Cargo      
Fey Ethara Private      
Fiddler's Float Carrikos Fishing      
Final Reward Mercia Yacht      
Firebelly Mercia Military      
Fire Drake Bathynia Military      
Firefly Ethara Cargo      
Firemoth Ethara Fishing      
First Lady Mercia Fishing      
Floating Palace Drakkellian Alliance Private      
Flounder Corvenia Cargo      
Flying Cloud Garrison Fishing      
Flying Dragon None Pirate      
Flying Fox Bathynia Military      
Flying Grace Arkalia Private      
Flying Horse None Pirate      
Forest on Water Ethara Military      
Fouled Rigging Mercia Fishing      
Fourth Watch Garrison Military      
Furderak Borrell Cargo      
Gallant Garrison Military      
Gates of Death Ormek Private      
Gauntleted Fist Asylum Cargo      
Gilded Rose Corvenia Cargo      
Glacial Frost Borrell Military      
Gladiator Mercia Military Kroetha    
Gleaming Blade Bathynia Military      
Glyph Carrikos Cargo      
Goblin King Coalition Military      
Golden Gull Arkalia Fishing      
Golden Hawk Kitar Military      
Goliath Normidia Military      
Good Fortune None Pirate      
Grand Dame Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Grand Imperial Rukemia Fishing      
Grand Kingdom Arkalia Private      
Granite Owl Normidia Private      
Great Whale Borrell Military      
Green Dragon Mercia Military     The flag ship of the Mercian navy.
Grey Dawn Vorrik Private      
Grey Falcon Rukemia Military      
Grey Gull Kitar Military      
Grey Heron Vorrik Cargo      
Grey Swallow Borrell Fishing      
Grum Corvenia Private      
Guardian Arkalia Military      
Gwendolyn Rukemia Private      
Gypsy Dream Pirate Isles Cargo      
Half Moon Kalimura Cargo      
Half Remembered Dream Pirate Isles Private      
Harm's Way Vorrik Fishing      
Harmony Arkalia Private      
Harvest Home Arkalia Cargo      
Harvester Mercia Cargo      
Honor Bound Arkalia Military      
Hooked and Baited Duthelm Fishing      
Horizon Dream Kitar Fishing      
Horns of Hell Coalition Military      
Horrax Kalimura Military      
Horseless Rider Ormek Cargo      
Huntsman Normidia Cargo      
Ice Blade Borrell Military      
Ill Fate Orchid Pirate Isles Pirate      
Illusion Carrikos Military      
Impervious Rukemia Military      
Indomitable Arkalia Military      
Integrity Garrison Military      
Intrepid Rukemia Military      
Invincible Arkalia Military      
Iron Mountain Coalition Military      
Island Grace Pirate Isles Cargo      
Island Jewel Pirate Isles Cargo      
Island Princess Pirate Isles Cargo      
Ithria Kalimura Military      
Ithrian Splendor Rukemia Military      
Ivory Crow Ethara Military      
Jackal Normidia Cargo      
Jakar Mercia Military      
Jewel of the Deep Mercia Fishing      
Jewel of the Wild Sea Pirate Isles Private      
John Bull Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Jolly Jig Corvenia Fishing      
Juggernaut Vorrik Military      
Justly Liberated Pirate Isles Pirate      
King Fisher Ethara Military      
King of Khoras Rukemia Cargo      
Kingfisher Asylum Private      
King's Blood Rukemian Cargo      
Kraken Mercia Military      
Lady Teresa Arkalia Private      
Lanced Dragon Ormek Cargo      
Last Horizon Borrell Cargo      
Last in Line Drakkellian Alliance Cargo Reginald Bryerson 24 Reginald Bryerson is good friends with Callister Draabyn.
Last Walk Garrison Cargo      
Laughing Brigand Pirate Isles Private      
Leviathan Bathynia Cargo      
Little Otter Anquar Cargo      
Lion's Reign Arkalia Military      
Longbow Bathynia        
Long Haul Rukemia Fishing      
Lost Soul Drakkellian Alliance Fishing      
Lustrous Pearl Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Lynx Kitar Cargo      
Magician Carrikos Cargo      
Maiden's Dream Carrikos Private      
Majan V Kalimura Private      
Majestic Garrison Military      
Manta's Shadow Normidia Fishing      
Master Bathynia Cargo      
Mercian Wake Mercia Cargo      
Merry Widow Chaddamar Cargo      
Minotaur Normidia Military      
Minstrel's Lyre Corvenia Cargo      
Mistral Kitar Cargo      
Moon Shadow Carrikos Military      
Morning Mist Borrell Cargo      
Morning Star Vorrik Military      
Mountain Climber Kitar Private      
Myrian's Dance Kalimura Military      
Naiad Ethara Private      
Nautilus Kalimura Cargo      
Never Breached Duthelm Fishing      
Night Rambler None Pirate      
Night Wind Mercia Cargo      
Night's Jewel Corvenia Private      
North Wind Borrell Cargo      
Northern Queen Borrell Cargo      
Northern Terror Borrell Military      
Norwester Normidia Cargo      
Oaken Lilly Drakkellian Alliance Private     A magnificent private yacht.
Oasis Mercia Private      
Oathbreaker Bathynia Private      
Ocean Blue Arkalia Cargo      
Ocean Deep Kalimura Cargo      
Ocean Monarch Mercia Military      
Odyssey Garrison Cargo      
Ogre's Grin Kitar Military      
Oracle Bathynia Fishing      
Old Buzzard Ormek Cargo      
Osprey Kitar Military      
Otter Ormek Private      
Pagan Carrikos Private      
Paladin's Oath Arkalia Military      
Pathfinder Normidia Exploration      
Phaedra Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Phoenix Coalition Cargo      
Pioneer Kitar Exploration      
Piper's Dream Bathynia Cargo      
Pirate's Bane Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Plenty Scarred Coalition Fishing      
Plunderer Garrison Fishing      
Poet's Chatter Corvenia        
Queen and Deuce Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Queen of Hearts Pirate Isles Cargo      
Queen's Sapphire Corvenia Private      
Quick Silver Pirate Isles Private      
Ragged and Beaten Kitar Fishing      
Ragged and Broken Pirate Isles Cargo      
Raging Bull Normidia Military      
Rambling Stag Normidia Cargo      
Rancid Pirate Isles Private      
Raptor Normidia Military      
Razor Fin Mercia Military      
Reaper Coalition Military      
Redemption Coalition        
Red Gauntlet Rukemia Military      
Red Raven Kalimura Military      
Red Wave Duthelm Fishing      
Red Wing Corvenia Cargo      
Relentless Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Rendezvous Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Resolute Arkalia Military      
Revenge Pirate Isles Private      
Rico's Revenge Ormek Private      
Ringing Echo Normidia Private      
Riptide Asylum Fishing      
Rising Pride Arkalia Private      
Rising Tide Corvenia Cargo      
Rogue Duthelm Military      
Rogue Wave Rukemia Fishing      
Rolling Thunder Vorrik Military      
Royal Oak Kitar Military      
Rukemian Rukemia Cargo      
Run Ashore Pirate Isles Cargo      
Runaway Coalition Cargo      
Running Prey Vorrik Fishing      
Sabre Vorrik Military      
Sage Carrikos Cargo      
Salty Spray Mercia Cargo      
Sand Lance Ormek Cargo      
Sandwing River Gate Cargo      
Savage Bathynia Military      
Scamp Kitar Cargo      
Sceptre Garrison Cargo      
Scimitar Vorrik Military      
Scorpion Vorrik Fishing      
Sea Bitch Coalition Cargo      
Sea Coaster Coalition Private      
Sea Devil Asylum Cargo      
Sea Dog Bathynia Military      
Sea Dragon Asylum Private      
Sea Fever Mercia Cargo      
Sea Form Ethara Fishing      
Sea Goddess Mercia Cargo      
Sea Hammer Mercia Cargo     Captained by Tamarroth.
Sea Nymph Ethara Cargo      
Sea Prince Drakkellian Alliance Fishing      
Sea Romp Duthelm Cargo      
Sea Rose Corvenia Cargo      
Sea Rush Asylum Cargo      
Sea Spawned Normidia Fishing      
Sea Steed Borrell Fishing      
Sea Swallow Rukemia Cargo      
Sea Tramp Rukemia Cargo      
Sea Wagon Garrison Cargo      
Sea Ward Drakkellian Alliance Cargo      
Sea Witch Pirate Isles Fishing      
Sea Wolf Vorrik Military      
Seaforth Carrikos Fishing      
Seajay Kitar Cargo      
Seascape Ormek Military      
Seaward Bound Ethara Cargo      
Seaworthy Borrell Cargo      
Second Wave Normidia Fishing      
Second Wind Mercia Military      
Sentinel Arkalia Military      
Serenus Ethara Cargo      
Serpent's Ire Drakkellian Alliance        
Setting Sun Ethara Cargo      
Seven Year Bitch Pirate Isles Fishing      
Sextant Charter Kalimura Exploration      
Shadow's Edge Coalition Cargo      
Shaft of Moonlight Corvenia Cargo      
Shard of Bone Mercia Fishing      
Shark Normidia Military      
Shattered Stone Vorrik Cargo      
Silver Sparrow Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Silvery Swan Corvenia Private      
Sir Tom Kalimura Military      
Sister's Dream Rukemia Fishing      
Skipping Stone Kitar Cargo      
Slip Away Arkalia Private      
Slippery Eel Pirate Isles Private      
Snow Witch Borrell Cargo      
Snowdrop Kitar Private      
Solace Corvenia Private      
Solstice River Gate Cargo      
Sounded Breach Mercia Fishing      
South Moon Mercia Cargo      
South of Asylum Asylum Fishing      
Spear Fish Pirate Isles Cargo      
Spectre Normidia Private      
Spirit of the Crystal Main Borrell Cargo      
Spirited River Gate Cargo      
Spirit Wisp Kitar        
Splintered Arrow Vorrik Military      
Squall Normidia Cargo      
Steward of the Sea Magrakor Cargo      
Stirling Dream Arkalia Cargo      
Stoic Arkalia Military      
Storm Kitar Military      
Storm Hound Bathynia Private      
Storm King Rukemia Cargo      
Storm Rider Mercia Cargo      
Storm Tempted Drakkellian Alliance Fishing      
Storm's Fury Garrison Fishing      
Storming Wench Ormek Fishing      
Stronghold Garrison Military      
Sturdy Asylum Private      
Sudden Death None Pirate      
Sun Fish Mercia Private      
Sundown Ethara Private      
Swamp Fox Coalition Cargo      
Swift and Sure Ethara Cargo      
Swift Swordfish Mercia Military      
Talisman Carrikos Military      
Tempest Ormek Cargo      
Tern Vorrik Private      
Third Wind Mercia Private Callister Draabyn 28 A mercenary cargo ship. Sometimes smuggler, sometimes privateer vessel which sails under a Mercian flag, but ranges all over. Know as one of the few ships to have sailed around the world.
Thistle Down Bathynia Private      
Thunder and Lightning Pirate Isles Private      
Thunderbolt Kalimura Military      
Tide Bucker Ormek Military      
Tolling Bell Mercia Fishing      
Topaz Rukemia Cargo      
Tradewind Kalimura Cargo      
Trident Pirate Isles Private      
Triton Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Trusty Pelican Bathynia Cargo      
Twice Found Carrikos Fishing      
Ugly Sister Coalition Fishing      
Ultimatum Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Unicorn Carrikos Cargo      
Usurper Ormek Military      
Valiant Arkalia Military      
Vanguard Rukemia Military      
Vanquished Garrison Cargo      
Vendetta Asylum Private      
Vengence None Pirate      
Vermillion Drakkellian Alliance Military      
Victory Garrison Military      
Viking Thunder Borrell Military      
Vindicator Normidia Military      
Voyager Kalimura Exploration      
Walking on Water Carrikos Fishing      
Wanderbird Rukemia Exploration      
Wandering Way Ormek Fishing      
Wanderlust Bathynia Private      
Waning Duthelm Cargo      
War Dog Vorrik Military      
War Hammer Coalition Military      
Warhawk Coalition Military      
Warlock Asylum Private      
Warrior Vorrik Military      
Warthog Rukemia        
Wasp Drakkellian Alliance Fishing      
Watchman Garrison Military      
Water Baen Coalition Cargo      
Water Wren Corvenia Cargo      
Watercrest Bathynia Fishing      
Watermark II Normidia Cargo      
Wave Queen Ormek Military      
Whirlwind Kitar Military      
White Horse Normidia Cargo      
White Squall Borrell Military      
Wicked Coalition Fishing      
Wild Fire Duthelm Military      
Wild Wake Normidia Fishing      
Wild Wave Mercia Cargo      
William's Last Arkalia Fishing      
Wind Rider Carrikos Private      
Windborn Dream Vaul        
Windsplit Sail Mercia Fishing      
Winter Wind Borrell Military      
Winward Kalimura Cargo      
Witch of the Waves Ormek Fishing      
Wizard's Mark Carrikos Cargo      
Wizard's Staff Carrikos Cargo      
Wolfhound Vorrik Military      
Zephyr Ethara Private      

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