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Captain Morgull

Age 50 Hair Style Balding 
Race Human Hair Color Green
Height 1.88 meters (6') Eye Color Grey
Weight 79 kg (174 lbs) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Naval longcoat, high boots.

Profession Naval officer, Captain of the Imperial Flagship Black Orchid
Chief Location Aridorn, capital city of Rukemia
Affiliations The Black Orchid
Languages Rukemian, Southern
Skills Sailing, Boating, Navigation, Rope Use, Naval Strategy

Captain Morgull


Captain Morgull is the master of the Imperial Fleet of Rukemia. As the highest ranking officer on the eastern seas, he is responsible for the entire fleet of ships and all captains and crew members employed. He prefers being out on the open sea to sitting at a desk back at the Imperial Court. For this reason, he personally commands the flagship Black Orchid. This ship is easily recognized by the huge black orchid image on the main sail.

Physical Appearance

Morgull is a human man of average height and weight. He has a drooping mustache and a bald head which is usually left bare. He is always seen in uniform and rarely smiles. He has a restrained sense of humor, calmly delivers jokes with a straight face and never seems phased by anything.


Morgull is a by-the-book, rigid and stern officer and a proper gentleman in behavior, dress and speech. He is ruthlessly efficient and organized and runs a very tight ship insisting on neatness and protocol. Every rope must be coiled properly, the deck swabbed every day and every sail tied down securely.

Notable Skills

Morgull is a great seaman and a greater leader. He is a master navigator and shipwright. He knows the noble side of life well and is comfortable clinking glasses with kings and dancing at balls. Despite this civility, he is stern fighter with a quick blade.


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