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Age 52 Hair Style Short 
Race Ogre Hair Color Dark grey, dirty
Height 2.24m (7' 4") Eye Color Black
Weight 163.7 kg (361 lbs) Distinguishing Marks Left leg is a spiked mace.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Heavy studded leather coat, necklace of ears.

Profession Captain of the Pirate Ship "Whip and Hammer"
Chief Location Asylum, but can be found throughout the Sea of Chaos
Affiliations None.
Languages Southern, Ogrish, Orcish, Drakkellin, Sauric
Skills Seamanship, Sailing, Boating, Navigation, Unarmed Combat, Fishing, Ship Tactics, Naval Strategy, Gaming, Bluffing, Intimidation

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General Description

Tosadds is, without question, the most feared and most notorious pirate on the high seas. His name sends shivers down the spines of mariners everywhere. His vessel, the Whip & Hammer, plunders towns and merchant ships throughout the southern coastal waterways.

Physical Appearance

Tosadds is a physically intimidating specimen. He is a massively built ogre with short cropped hair and numerous scars visible upon his body. As jewelry, he wears a gold earring in each ear and a necklace made from the severed ears of those who have displeased him. His clothing is typically a heavy studded leather long coat worn open over a bare chest topped with a short cloak and heavy cloth pants. His left leg was severed below the knew during a battle at sea long ago and it has since been replaced by a studded mace.


Tosadds is the epitome of strength and cruelty. He does not suffer fools or cowards among his crew and will casually kill anyone who gets in his way. His booming baritone voice thunders across the deck of his ship and snaps his crew to attention as surely as a whip crack. His gaze is equally ferocious and most prisoners fall back a step under his iron hard glare.

Legends of terror are heaped upon his name and stories of his cruelty are told and retold at seaside taverns. Tosadds will often crucify victims by nailing them to the main mast and leave them there until their flesh rots from their bones. He has drowned men by tying them to his anchor. It is said that he once burned brimstone below decks to simulate Hell and show his crew what awaited them after death.

Tosadds enjoys intimidating his enemies. It is well known that the reason Tosadd's flag is dark reddish brown is that it is dyed with the blood of those he has personally killed. In addition, his crew creates a thunderous din with drums and horns when attacking to further intimidate their prey.

Notable Skills

Unarmed Combat, Wrestling, Heavy Weapon Combat, Leadership, Streetwise, Carousing, Underworld Contacts, Seamanship, Swimming, Boating, Navigation, Intimidation, Interrogation, Endurance, Survival


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