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The Tanlur Rings


This huge ruin is mostly intact and incredibly complex. It consists of three concentric rings of standing stones. The individual stones are huge rectangles of cracked grey stone. Each is 8 meters tall and weighs several tons. Inscribed on the surface of each standing stone are dozens of glyphs. The rings measure 100, 150 and 200 meters in diameter. In addition, a number of small standing stones form lines, smaller rings and markers.


The Tanlur Rings are located in the foothills of the Tanlur Mountains.

Known History

The standing stones here have been standing longer than any can say. They predate both the Padashan Empire and the Kingdom of Anquar. The glyphs found here are not consistent with any known language or magical coding system. There are many legends about the Tanlur Rings. Most say that they were used as a holy site for sacrificial ceremonies by cults that ruled when the world was young.

It is known that the standing stones, in combination with the smaller rings and markers, form a complex astronomical calendar laid out on the ground in stone. Scholars who have studied the site have confirmed that it accurately maps out dozens, if not hundreds, of astronomical conjunctions.

The Tanlur Rings Today

At certain times of the year, when certain astronomical conjunctions and alignments occur, the power of the rings will flow. The stones will hum with power. Some scholars believe that gateways to other places, even other worlds, open up during these conjunctions. Although the hieroglyphs cannot be read, the astronomical conjunctions can be mathematically computed. Still, it's difficult to guess what strange magical effects will occur during an astronomical event and harder still to know when and where interdimensional doorways will open.

A historian and linguist named Baburak from the Drakkellian Alliance is traveling between the ruins of the Gates of Hadar and the Tanlur Rings. He is comparing the glyphs and sigils found on the ruins of each site. He has a theory that they are the same language and he believes he can decipher them. He travels with a large contingent of servants and guards. Because of the war currently being fought between Padashan and Anquar and because of the remote location of this site, it is taking Baburak some time to complete his mission.


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