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The Gates of Hadar


The Gates of Hadar are a broad field of jumbled stones, broken towers and crumbling walls. Nothing much is left intact with the exception of twin massive gate houses at the east and west ends of the field. The gate towers are made of cracked gray stone and have a central arch and gate. The gates themselves are huge things made of heavy oak and iron and stand 10 meters tall and 6 meters wide.


The Gates of Hadar are found in a very remote region on the south coast of Qeshir. It lies at the very east end of the Tanlur Mountains, across the water from the Wind Plains.

Known History

There is very little known of this ruin except that it is very, very old. Most scholars agree that it predates the Sundering and some think it goes much further back than that. The origins of the name come from the fact that, of all the thousands of glyphs and sigils inscribed in the stone here, a single word is known... it is found above each gate. It is written in Traxxi. In Traxxi, "hadar" means "hell". This gives credence to the theory that this fortification may have been a remote Traxxian outpost. It is not known why this word is inscribed above each gate, but some believe these may be (or were once) actually interdimensional gateways that led to Hell.

The Gates of Hadar Today

Because of its remote location, very few adventurers have explored this ruin. Little is known of the twin gates or how to open them.

A historian and linguist named Baburak from the Drakkelian Alliance is traveling between the ruins of the Gates of Hadar and the Tanlur Rings. He is comparing the glyphs and sigils found on the ruins of each site. He has a theory that they are the same language and he believes he can decipher them. He travels with a large contingent of servants and guards. Because of the war currently being fought between Padashan and Anquar and because of the remote location of this site, it is taking Baburak some time to complete his mission.


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