The World Of Khoras - Civilization - Normidia

"Upon the shining Dathkis, does fair Dathkandra lay
Where noble quest and lively fest do fill the summer's day ."
- "Dathkandra on the Sea", an old Normidian song

Ruler Duchess Mirella Daravon
Population 3,700
Demographics Human 70%, Dwarven 10%, Grum 9%, Elven 8%, Other 3%
Languages Northern 75%, Dwarven 25%
Nationality Normidia
National Colors Green and black
Year Founded 598
Currency Northern
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Lumber, Normidian Black Mead, spiced cheeses, onions, apples, carrots, cattle, sheep, black mushrooms, wheat, hay, paper, seafood, milk, eggs, leather, iron ore, silver, wagons, barrels, fur, ivory, torgat meat and torgat scales
Wealth Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Arkalia, River Gate
Enemies Borrell
Walled No
Crime Level Below Average
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Barrinor
Other Religions Imarus, Semorjon
Climate Cold Temperate, Subpolar
Terrain Coastal forested hills



The town of Dathkandra lies on the coast south of Tykron at the mouth of a minor river. it is one of the oldest settlements of Normidia. The town is built on the ruins of an ancient Irenni fort, the walls of which, form the basis of the town walls. Now a thriving trade port, Dathkandra is the gateway between the coast and the heart of Normidia. Ships sailing up the Dathkis river often moor at Dathkandra for supplies, to pay the river tax and to trade.

Surrounding Region

Dathkandra is at the mouth of the Dathkis river on its southern shore. The city was built on top of an ancient ruined fort, itself built on a rocky outcrop. Hot springs under the city once watered and heated the former stronghold and now supply water to the baths, the castle and other buildings.

North of the city is the Dathkis river delta. This is a swampy plain which floods most spring times and is unsuitable for farming. It does support a wide variety of wildlife, particularly marsh-loving avians and is protected by the local druid community. It is thought the druids have a secret sanctuary somewhere in the marshes. The north point of the river is a fortified watch point and a beacon burns here constantly warning ships from the rocks. It is said that the lady maintains a prison for the insane on this rock.

West of the city flows the Dathkis river, navigable as far as Caldore and Two Towers. This broad river supports many species of fish, and a thriving fishing community has sprung up west of the city. To the southwest, past the aptly named Cows' Gate are the farmlands which grow wheat and vegetables for the city, and beyond that farming pastures. Perhaps ten kilometers out, farming gives way to forestry, and the coniferous forest which covers most of Normidia.

South of the city, past the caravanserai and the cemetery which flank the Great South Road to Tykron and beyond (the folk of Tykron call it the Great North Road, but this is only their point of view). For some kilometers, to the west of the road are farms, and to the east villas overlooking the sea. The coast is mostly cliffs, with small rocky, or pebble beaches below. Further south is a rugged coastline, with the odd fishing hamlet, and farmlands. In from the coast is more forest... trees as far as the eye can see.... and the mountains beyond.

East of the city is, of course, the Captured Sea. It is rumored that there is a merfolk colony nearby, clustered around an undersea outlet of the hot springs.

Festivals and Faires

Summer Festival of Dathkandra

The Summer Festival is a five day event held in late summer. It includes a costume contest, a cheese tasting contest and a hunting contest in which hunters try to bring back big game animals to win prizes.  Often this festival is the time when groups of drunken hunters will wander into the forest to bring down a torgat.

City Districts


Fishtown is the common name of the outer city. It is a dirty and pitiful collection of hovels and shacks strewn across a muddy field huddled up against the outer city wall. It is here that the poorest souls scratch out a living. Fishtown gets its name from the activities conducted here. Fish are cleaned and gutted here daily. Often, the small and poor quality fish that are not sold at the Fish Market are sold here in fishtown. A perpetual smell of fish and rank decay hangs in the air.

Government and Public Establishments

The River Gate

The north-western gate of the city, this is a solid structure, consisting of a stone gatehouse, and solid wooden gates reinforced with iron. The main gates are closed at sunset, but for a fee of 1 copper coin, a guard will open the "eye of the needle" a man-sized gate inset in the main gate. The River Gate leads out onto the Dathkis Road, beside the Dathkis River, and to Fishtown, the fishing village along the river's edge.

The Fish Market

This is where the vast majority of the fish caught in the Captured Sea are brought in. Dathkandra has a strong fishing community and this is the heart of the fishing community. The Fish Market lies against the northwest wall and on the river's edge is the fish market...

Harbor Master's Office

A large, three-storied stone building that sits at the edge of the docks. The Harbor Master maintains his offices here along with a small staff. The Harbor Master's office is part office, part government building, part warehouse and part mariner's guild. Nautical equipment is stored, sold and rented here.

Cows Gate

The south-western gate of the city, this is a solid structure, consisting of a stone gatehouse, and solid wooden gates reinforced with iron. The main gates are closed at sunset, but for a fee of 1 copper coin, a guard will open the "eye of the needle" a man-sized gate inset in the main gate. The Cows Gate looks onto the market gardens, allotments and farmlands which feed the folk of Dathkandra.


Either side of the Cows Gate, these spacious stables afford stabling for up to two hundred animals. Training is carried out here - both of horse and riders. Horses are often taken outside the gates to graze and exercise. Horses may be purchased, trained and untrained.


A 70 foot stone light house which sits on the north edge of the mouth of the Dathkis River.


Next to the Guard Barracks, an imposing building in grey stone. There is a small shrine to Barrinor in his aspect as Justice here.


Outside the south gate, on the cliffs, overlooking the Captured Sea, is the town cemetery. For a price, you too, can enjoy a tomb with a view.

South Gate

The southern gate of the city, this is a solid structure, consisting of a stone gatehouse, and solid wooden gates reinforced with iron. The main gates are closed at sunset, but for a fee of 1 copper coin, a guard will open the "eye of the needle" a man-sized gate inset in the main gate. The South Gate leads out onto the Great South Road, which heads along the shores of the Captured Sea to Tyrkon, the capital of Normidia, fifty kilometers down the coast. West outside the gate is the cemetery, and to the east is the caravanserai.

Guard Barracks

Between the walls and the courthouse, next to the Keep. A solidly fortified building, providing accommodations, mess halls and training rooms for the City Guard.

City Baths

This building contains the bathing complex and surrounds the Great Bath (Natitio). This is an 80 by 40ft, open-air, five foot deep, tepid pool which is used for public recreation.

The other pools are inside the building. The main pools are:


The Caulderium. A hot spa pool, for soaking and relaxing in. 40ft diameter and 3 ft deep


Tepidarium West. 20ft by 16ft, 3ft deep tepid pool.


Tepidarium East. 15ft by 15ft, 8ft deep tepid pool.


Tepidarium South. Elliptoid pool, 10ft by 5ft sloping from two inches to 2 feet for the children and shorter people.


The Frigidarium, located near the Caulderium. It's a 20x10x5 cold plunge pool

The north area is where the number of small, private pools are located and there are changing facilities scattered through the building. The entire bath complex is kept warm by the hot spring under the city.

The baths are open to the public from an hour after dawn through to three hours after dusk to accomodate day workers. Special arrangements can be made for private parties or special events. There are always attendants on duty in case of problems. Nudity is not allowed so all swimmers have to be appropriately attired.


The docks consist of two main areas

1. The deepwater ship docks, which have a defensible breakwater across them, and a chain which may be raised when Borellian raiders attack. These have to be dredged regularly.

2. The river docks, where river barges upload goods to be taken upriver and inland.


Running under the major city streets are the sewers - under those the ruins of the Irenni fortress Dathkandra was built on. Who knows what lies beneath?

The City Guard of Dathkandra

The city guard of Dathkandra follows the example of Tykron. Local town guards are known as "Sentinels". These men are wear dark grey cloaks, high boots and open faced iron helms. They patrol the city in groups of three. Each carries a small horn and a pair of manacles. They wear scale mail and carry round wooden shields and heavy maces. The town guard is commanded by Sergeant Brass, a formidable fighting woman.

The Wardens

On occasion, a Warden will come to town, though this is rare. The Wardens are the elite royal bodyguards charged with the protection of the King and the highest ranking nobles in Normidia. Every now and then, a Warden is dispatched out into Normidia on a special assignment. This usually involves the apprehension, detainment and return of a criminal to Normidia. A Warden is easily identified by his outfit - dark grey splint mail which is enchanted, a heavy cloak bearing the house sigil of the King and an iron capped staff. When a Warden comes to town, his authority supercedes that of the local town guard by the power of the King. It is best not to interfere in Warden business.

Religious Centers of Dathkandra

Church of Semorjon

On the waterfront between the deepwater and river docks, this unusual building caters to both land people and merfolk in the worship of the mariner's deity.

Cathedral of Imarus

The central place of worship in Dathkandra, this is a truly magnificent building, faced in shining white marble, and with a crystal dome which sparkles in the sunlight.

Important People in Dathkandra

Duchess Mirella Daravon

Duchess Mirella Sangia Daravon is the current ruler of Dathkandra.

Shops and Guilds

Name Owner/Operator


Grey Draconis

Jonhace and Mari Sevill

Tavern/Inn - A popular tavern/inn located on the coast road a day's journey south from Dathkandra, halfway to Tykron.

Black Murtak  

Tavern - This is a low dive, dark and disreputable, in an alley behind the barge docks.

Singing Blade Gymnasium

Josan Bladesinger

Warriors Guild - The Singing Blade Gymnasium is a warehouse that has been refitted and turned into a training center for fighters. Sparing rings, practice dummies, wooden weapons, punching boards and exercise equipment can all be found here. The Singing Blade also provides massage, baths and other services.

Axe and Hammer

Herman Strongaxe Forgefire Hargos

Tavern - The Axe and Hammer is a dwarven tavern where patrons may enjoy the finest in dwarven fare and dwarven ales. It is a two-story structure built in a L-shape around a paved courtyard. There are a six rooms for rent upstairs along with the private quarters of the proprietor and staff. The tavern is noted for putting on a hearty breakfast of thick porridge, dwarven sausage, eggs and fresh bread. The proprietor is Herman Strongaxe Forgefire Hargos and it is his exploits from which the tavern takes its name. A notched dwarven war-axe and warhammer hang above the main bar, relics from Herman’s adventuring days. The Axe and Hammer is a clean and tidy if frequently noisy establishment. Dwarves make up a large proportion of the clientele.

Blushing Mermaid


Inn - A large and popular inn that has a unique central attraction: a large water tank in which female performers will put on a variety of swimming underwater acrobatics. The Blushing Mermaid is situated near the edge of the Dathkis River. It is rumored that there is a cavern which lies beneath the Blushing Mermaid and leads to an underwater hot spring.
Stone Hall  

Artisan's Guild - The Stone Hall is the centre for the artisan guilds of Dathkandra. Frequented by dwarves, this bustling building is surrounded by smithies, workshops, and alchemist's laboratories. Inside there is a market for the ordering and purchase of armour and weapons, guild offices, and a shrine to the god Uxamar.

Most Excellent Cream Bunn

Mavis Downly

Bakery/Tavern - The "Most Excellent Cream Bunn" is a large bakery. The lower level is a tavern like setting with an attached kitchen and the newest addition is a small but well-stocked general store.  Rumor has it there is a back room here where "special things" are bought and sold. The establishment is owned and operated by Mavis Downly, a middle aged grumman woman and, unknown to most, an accomplished thief. Her mild-mannered husband, Harcout Phinton Downly, is the baker and cook. The Bunn, as the local's call it, is famous for Harcourt's baking, especially his cream buns. Mavis is a patron of the arts and is very happy to let aspiring musicians and singers entertain her patrons for a free meal.

Golden Erriku   Inn - The highest class and most expensive Inn in Dathkandra. Known to serve fine wines, and finer cuisine... fillet mignon stuffed with oysters is the chef's idea of steak. The chef is a well known and very experienced half-elf. He will pay good money for Erriku meat for the house specialty.
Sacred Scroll   Bookstore/Wizard's Guild - The front of this building is a secondhand bookstore where maps and books can be bought and sold. The Sacred Scroll is also used as a meeting place for wizards. Here, wizards may meet in seclusion to discuss various arcane matters. Sorcerers are tolerated but not made as welcome. Upstairs are a few personal quarters, study rooms and a shared alchemy lab. On the roof is set up a dome with a large spyglass in it, used by the resident astromancer, for observing the heavens and monitoring Drellis.
Houses of the Healing  

Hospital - Tucked between the Keep and the south wall of the city, these quiet halls cater to the needs of the injured, the sick and the dying. The Sisters here serve Sarreth, whose chapel is here, surrounded by gardens. They are peaceful people, sworn to do no harm.

Triangle Playhouse   Theatre - The Triangle Playhouse is an exquisitely well maintained structure which seems a bit rustic and aged. Many nights it is the brightest structure in the city, illuminating most of the market square and bustling with people. The outside is painted bright colours and the walls are spotted with names of well known performers. Also outside, facing the market is the outdoor performing stage. When it is not used by the theatre for outdoor performances, it is used for impromptu performances and also for announcements of the main events inside. The main double doors open into a beautifully crafted theatre of dark polished wood and intricate carvings. The main theatre is a mix of polished wooden benches for commoners and finely crafted chairs with plush satin pillows for the nobles.

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