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Queen Tavania Sadeish

Age 72 Hair Style Long, straight, often braided.
Race Human Hair Color Black with wisps of grey.
Height 1.6 meters (5'3") Eye Color Purple (see below).
Weight 59  kilograms (130 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Female Clothing/Equipment Dresses in elaborate gowns with equally elaborate head dresses.

Profession Queen of the Chaddamar Theocracy
Chief Location The city of Illhekar.
Affiliations The Church of the Chaddamar
Languages Chaddi, Aukarian, Common Vaulsk
Skills Religion, History, Diplomacy, Politics, Languages, Protocol, Foreign Affairs


Her Eminence, Queen Tavania Sadeish, is the current reigning monarch of the Chaddamar Theocracy. She has many titles and honorifics, but the most commonly used formal title is "Her Most Omnipotent Magnificence, Incomparable and Miraculous Light of the World, Queen Tavania Sadeish".She has ruled for the last 27 years and enjoys vast and sweeping political powers over the entire realm. She has the full support of the church behind her and enough allies and spies in the military to keep a tight leash on the armies.

Queen Sadeish is a cunning strategist and clever opponent. Through a complex network of informants, spies, bribed officers and so forth, she maintains a tight grip on the shadowy cloak and dagger politics that sometimes plays out between the Church, the military, the wizards and the guilds. She even must cope with ambitious priestesses who would advance themselves and cause problems within the church.

Queen Sadeish belongs to a powerful family and a longstanding political dynasty, dating back several centuries. According to the doctrines of the Chaddamar religion, upon the death of the Queen, her immortal spirit transfers to another, usually in the eldest daughter of the Queen. As such, the Queen is reincarnated and therefore immortal.

Physical Appearance

Queen Sadeish is a short woman with a slight build. Her long thick black hair, which she usually wears braided, is rapidly turning grey. She adorns herself with makeup and jewelry. She dresses in radiant gowns and has a variety of tiaras, jeweled crowns and elaborate head dresses for different occasions. She carries a tall bejeweled staff of silver and gold with her at all times. This staff head is a six sided cube, with a different jewel in each face. This staff, the Hexatat, is a symbol of her authority over the church. Despite her short statue and slight frame, her presence radiates authority and she can command a room with her gaze.


While possessing a shrewd intelligence and a keen understanding of politics, Queen Sadeish is an arrogant and haughty woman, prone to whims and the occasional outburst of impatience. While not overtly cruel, she looks down upon those of lower status (which from her perspective is essentially everyone).

She has been raised amidst fabulous luxury and wealth her entire life. She truly believes that her life, her position, were divinely ordained by the Chaddamar and that all others were placed her to serve her. The poverty of the commoners is nothing to her. Her only concern is that the various districts and provinces pay their tithes to the church on time.

Despite being of truly average physical appearance, she can quite vain and snobbish. She is obsessed with fashion, jewelry and her appearance. While she doesn't seem to mind the streaks of grey in her hair, she uses magic to change the color of her eyes to a vibrant purple.

While publicly she professes to care deeply for the Church, religious doctrine and the orderly management of the realm, in reality she leaves much of the work for the councils and priestesses beneath her. Besides her own comfort and appearance, the one thing that she truly does care about are her six daughters (one for each of the Chaddamar, she claims).

Notable Skills

Queen Sadeish is an expert in all matters of the Church and of the Faith. She knows religious doctrine better than anyone and has studied other religions as well. She is a student of history. As such, she knows that the Wall could not have been built without the help of the wizards and so allows them to have their guild in the south, but keeps an eye on them. She can be witty and charming at social functions, when it suits her. But behind closed doors, she has been known to be petulant, quick to anger and sharp in her rebukes.

She is well versed in a variety of topics including the arts, languages, history, politics, religion, magic and military strategy. She can hold up her end of the conversation whatever topic may be at hand. She has a keen understanding of people and has a knack for promoting people where their strengths will be best used.


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