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The Warriors Of The Mark was the title of my second large-scale AD&D campaign. It was written and run many years ago. It has an original plot, a wonderfully written prophecy (of which I am immensely proud) and a fantastic "hook" for getting the players into the campaign. The best I've ever come up with, as a matter of fact. The Warriors of The Mark was the first campaign ever to be run in the world of Khoras and, as such, is rather intricately intertwined with many Khoras elements.

This grand adventure involves heroes and villains, dungeons and daring escapes, hounded pursuit across whole kingdoms, an ancient artifact of immense power, a ruined castle that the locals insist is cursed, a tragic hero, a daring robbery in the heart of a major city and finally a classic confrontation between the forces of good and evil.

The full notes for the Warriors of the Mark campaign will include the following:

Main Plot Overview

Sequence of Events

Chapter 1 - The Capture, The Escape and The Chase

Chapter 2 - The Lore Masters and the Prophecy

Chapter 3 - The Quest for the Orb of Blood

Chapter 4 - The Quest for the Thought Shard

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