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“What is that ruin there?”

“That?” the old man chuckled. “That there be the ruins of Valdorumal... the once great hall of Vellok the Black… you’ll no be wanting to venture there… dark magic there, a foul nameless beast that drinks spell and devours flesh… mark my words… you go down there and that terrible beastie will be dining on your bones by nightfall”.

Chronological List of Events

Below is a complete outline of the campaign. More accurately, this was the outline that I used when I first ran the campaign. You might run it as listed below, but there are a lot of places where things could turn out differently or the players do something unexpected, etc. You may have to railroad them a bit if you want to get them back on track or you can always let it play out and adapt as you go. It's up to you how rigid or flexible you want to be.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

The Setup - In a series of pre-game solo sessions, every player character is captured.

The Dungeon - The players wake up in a dungeon cell in the ruins of Vellok's new stronghold.

The Escape - With help, the player characters manage to escape.

The Chase - They are chased by the same group that captured them.

The Village - Wounded, unarmed and being chased, the players make it to a tiny village where they hide out and try to figure out what to do.

Chapter 2 - Gathering Information

Journey to Ithell - The players decide to head to Ithell. They have no significant encounters. Someone tells them about the Lore Masters, that’s the place to be.

Ithell and the Keep of the Lore Masters - The players arrive at Ithell and go to the Lore Masters. There they search the archives and discover a great deal of information that leads them on to the rest of the adventure.

Journey and Ambush - The party heads toward the ruins of Valdorumal, but they are ambushed on the way by Vellok's team. From the battle the players acquire a few important things.

Chapter 3 - The Quest for the Orb of Blood

The Journey to the Shard Wastelands

The City of Rivergate - The players stop by the city of Rivergate for supplies, information and to get a guide.

The Ruins of Valdorumal -

Encounter with Jhentar the Hooded -

Battle with the skrell -

The Orb of Blood - The player characters acquire the form orb.

Chapter 4 - The Quest for the Thought Shard

Journey to the city of Arcanum - Group travels across the continent to the city of Arcanum. Lots of opportunities for pursuit, side adventures, etc.

Planning the Theft - Upon reaching Arcanum, the players gather information and planning the ultimate heist.

The Robbery - Infiltrating the Hall of Wonders, overcome security and traps, making it out without being detected and getting out of the city without being arrested.

Concluding The Campaign

There are a number of different ways to conclude the campaign depending on how the preceding chapters unfolded. More on this later...

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