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The Crystal of Ynthar

This magnificent crystal is an artifact of the ancient Yntharian religion. It is composed of three separate crystals that fit together. When fit together, the three crystals form a three dimensional symbol of Ynthar. When fitted in this manner, the whole takes on abilities and functions that the individual crystals lacked.

These three crystals are :

The Orb of Blood

This item appears to be an 8" diameter sphere of pure Termalite. It is quite heavy, blood red in color and appears to have a reddish glow continually shifting about inside of it.
It can perform the following powers :

1. Holder may "encompass" all physical matter. That is, he becomes aware of all matter, motion, etc. in the area as if viewing a three dimensional picture in his mind. Radius is set by possessor. Maximum radius is limited by intelligence. Also, the greater the radius, the less detail is observable. Unless otherwise specified, Orb will display a 100' radius.

2. Scan/analyze molecular structure of any piece of matter, record data, relay data to possessor. This information may be stored in the crystal for later use. Also, the wielder may ask the Orb questions about the composition of a particular piece of matter.

3. The Orb can heal physical damage in any living organism. 1d10 hit points up to ten times per day. By grasping the Orb, the wielder becomes aware of how many healing "charges" remain. The Orb recharges at a rate of one charge per two hours.

4. The Orb can undo the genetic modification and breakdown of cells due to aging. With this function, a single organism can have 10% of its physical age undone. This function can be performed once every 9 days.

The Thought Shard

This four sided crystal is shaped like an equilateral pyramid and is seven inches on a side. It is composed of pure Trithinium and is a deep blue.
It has the following functions:

1. The possessor may detect mental energy. The radius can be set by the possessor. This function will determine distance, direction and strength of all mental energy sources.

2. The wielder may concentrate any one mental energy source at a time and use the Shard to probe the mental energy. The possessor may scan surface thoughts in one round. Deep probing into memories requires several rounds which varies on the intelligence and wisdom of the mind being probed. Searching for specific information takes time.

3. The possessor may use the Shard to heal mental damage. This can be used to restore memories that have been "deactivated", cure insanity and cancel mind affecting spells.

4. This function allows the possessor to establish a communication link with another mental pattern. The Shard does not translate languages. Therefore, communication is only possible if the possessor and the target mind share a common language and are both thinking in that language.

The Essence Crystal

This small crystal is shaped exactly like the Thought Shard (a four sided pyramid) but is only four inches on a side. This crystal is formed of pure Vertrillium and is a deep green similar to an emerald.
It can perform the following feats:

1. The possessor of the Essence Crystal may detect spiritual energies. Any radius may be set, but detail decreases as radius increases. The Crystal will reveal the relative locations of spiritual energies within the given area, the general aura of each spirit and the intensity of each spirit.

2. The possessor may scan/analyze any one spirit that the possessor is aware of. The Crystal will reveal the aura, intensity, talents, general morals and ethics, etc. The player may ask the DM general questions about the spirit.

3. The Crystal can heal spiritual "damage". It may restore lost levels, hold a spirit in stasis when a body dies and cure other types of spiritual damage.

The Entire Crystal of Ynthar

If all the crystals are fitted together, the following functions become active:

  1. Disintegrate matter. (Convert matter to energy). Up to 1 metric ton.
  2. Replicate previously scanned matter. (Convert energy to matter). Up to 1 metric ton.
  3. Create matter based on the possessor's mental picture. Up to 1 metric ton.
  4. Partial or complete erasure of mental pattern. (Forget, Mind wipe, etc.)
  5. Copy a previously scanned mental pattern from one receptacle to another.
  6. Create a mental pattern. (Such a mental pattern would be sentient, but lack knowledge).
  7. Obliterate spiritual energy (if the spiritual energy is disjoined).
  8. Transfer a spiritual energy pattern from one receptacle to another.
  9. Create a spiritual energy pattern. (Obtained spirit from spiritual energy of the multiverse. This function allows resurrection. The crystal simply obtains a specific spirit from the universal spirit and restores it to the body.)

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