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The Rahjan Mountains are a rugged and semi-arid mountain range in north western Qeshir. They range from the northern coast to the Darijun Jungle in the south. Their highest peaks are in the northern range, with some peaks estimated at nearly 12,000 feet. From the valleys to the high peaks, the Rahjan mountains are home to a variety of wild life including mule deer, mountain goats, wild dogs, boar, mountain cats and several others.

There are rumors of a race of mountain giants that dwell in great stone halls amidst the mountain slopes. Tales conflict somewhat about the truth of these great beings. Some say that they are the descendants of the Secambru refugee giants of long ago. These "mountain giants" may number in the hundreds if tales are to be believed and are more civilized than their secambru brethren in the south. They call themselves the Jarkune.

There lives a dragon in the southern most stretches of the Rahjan Mountains. This dragon is called Tarhauxibane and claims a large region as her hunting ground. The mountain giants avoid the dragon as they have lost more than one of their members to her appetite.

The southeastern arm of the Rahjan Mountains which projects out toward the Darijun Jungle is rumored to be home to a cruel race of monsters. Described as tall, wolf-headed creatures that stand up right, dress in cloaks, speak in strange languages and kill with great cruelty.



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