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The Darijun Jungle

The Darijun Jungle lies between the great Aswanar Wildlands and the lands of the Secambru giants. The Darijun Jungle itself is a dense rainforest of thickly clustered trees choked with twisted vines and dense underbrush. The Uras River forms the southern border of the jungle. Most secambru consider the Darijun Jungle dangerous and are afraid to go north of the river into the jungle.

Within the Darijun Jungle are fragments of ancient roads and a few scattered sites of ruins. Most of these are small forts and outposts from the Kytohan Empire abandoned long ago. There are no cities or other forms of civilization within this jungle.

Within the Darijun Jungle are all many of predators - giant snakes, killer apes, large cats and such. One must also contend with poisonous insects, disease, poisonous plants and soft marshy soil that acts like quicksand. This jungle is also home to one dragon named Mumratusk .

On occasion, aswani hunting parties will venture south into the Darijun Jungle. Secambru giants may be found here from time to time - usually young, foolhardy secambru males looking to make a name for themselves. There are rumors of a sixth generation secambru giant dwelling deep within the Darijun Jungle.


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