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Full Name Forathmire
Location Arkalia
Head Master Kadmus Fabula
Number of Students/Faculty/Staff 160-170/12/8
Demographics Human 70%, Elven 15%, Grum 10%, Dwarven 5%
Languages Northern 100%
Year Founded 2317 CY
Wealth Average
Entrance Requirements Magical aptitude test.
Curriculum Alchemy and Elemental Magic
Yearly Tuition 600 gold hammers per year
Arcane Coding Systems Used Inedka

Forathmire is the name of a well known school of magic located in the town of  Edgewood in the kingdom of Arkalia. It was founded some 400 years ago by an aging alchemist who poured his life savings to rebuild an small ruined keep that had once served as a stronghold for a mercenary company. The building was actually built upon even older Irenni ruins, so the actual stone walls have been around, in one form or another, for over 2000 years.

The headmaster, Kadmus Fabula, is a hugely obese man with a mop of curly reddish brown hair, fat lips and watery blue eyes. His pasty white skin has dark reddish discolorations and rashes (a side effect from an accident in his early days of alchemical experimentation). He is, overall, an unpleasant looking man. He is, however, a kind and likeable headmaster, a brilliant alchemist and a gifted teacher. He is known for his jovial nature, his eccentric personality and a love of giving gifts. In his younger days, Headmaster Fabula accidentally created a highly addictive elixir in the lab and became hopelessly dependent on it. (He had many accidents in his younger days and has a story to go with each one of them). He now must brew a batch of this potion every month and take a dose each day or undergo terrible stomach pains and delirium. Obtaining the ingredients to this potion is one of his top priorities each month.

Forathmire is a school with a heavy emphasis on alchemy and "natural" magic. Prospective students must show an aptitude for the alchemical arts and are admitted only after passing a basic test in the lab devised by Fabula himself. The curriculum here emphasizes alchemy, but elemental magic is also taught as an extension of the alchemical sciences. Classes include alchemical measurement, basic laboratory procedures, alchemical identification and classification, basic potion brewing, arcane mathematics, herbalism, medicine and elemental magic.

Students here wear aprons and stain covered smocks most of the time. The school usually has about 170 students, mostly male, ranging in age from 12 to 22. Although Fabula himself to does not give any formal rank to the students (other than the number of years they have attended), the students themselves have taken to dividing themselves into four ranks denoted by seniority. The youngest students are known as "vat scrubbers". After a couple of years, a student becomes a "vial holder". After mastering certain classes, he becomes a "cauldron stirrer". And the most senior students are called "potion mixers". In general conversation, these are truncated to "scrubber", "mixer" and so on.

About a half dozen students graduate from this school each year. These graduating students are expert potion brewers, skilled at creating all manner of useful concoctions from natural herbs and plants. They also have good magic ability of the natural elements - air, earth, wind and fire. They can summon a breeze, control fire, freeze water, move earth and so forth. Most of these abilities are used in gardening and aiding in the cultivation of their herbs and medicinal plants. Beyond this, they usually have a smattering of other useful spells.

The school itself is a large, three story grey stone building with several decks and balconies. It is surrounded by several large gardens, orchards and green houses enclosed with high gated walls. The whole school lies on the south side of Edgewood. The school is known to have an immense main laboratory and at least seven smaller specialized labs along with Fabula's personal private lab. It also has a storage room which stores thousands of valuable alchemical ingredients, rare crystals and exotic herbs.


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