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Boshak's Iron Fist 

Other Names Hand of Power
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

This objects appears to be a large, full length metal gauntlet of intricate mechanical design. It is heavily armored and decorated with inlaid precious metals. When worn, it appears that it covers the hand and forearm almost up to the elbow. However, the entire gauntlet is a solid thing, a machine full of gears and moving parts. It is not hollow as a normal gauntlet would be.


This powerful weapon was forged during the Age of Rebirth by a trio of orcish shamans for Boshak, a great orcish warrior and chieftain in the DragonClaw Mountains. Boshok managed to unite the clans and begin a war against Normidia. During the war, his sword arm was severed below the elbow. His three most powerful shamans forged this mechanical hand to replace the one he had lost.

It served him well in battle for a year as his orcs waged war and raided Normidian villages. When he was slain in the Battle of Caldore Vale at the conclusion of his war, the Iron Fist was severed from his body and taken by  Garuneth, a Normidian paladin who gave it to a lieutenant. Since then, the Fist has passed from host to host throughout the years.


In order to obtain its magic, the wearer must cut off their own right arm and place this mechanical hand up to the bloody joint. If this is done, the iron fist will immediately and permanently graft itself to flesh and bone. Once attached, only death will cause it to come away from the joint. While the wearer lives, it cannot be damaged or cut off. 

The iron fist grants the "host" the following benefits:
bullet The arm which hosts the iron fist is resistant to damage (as if the skin were extra tough) and the arm will regenerate any wounds suffered in a matter of minutes.
bullet The host arm is fantastically strong.
bullet The host arm wields melee weapons with greater force and accuracy.
bullet The host arm is fast and dexterous. It can deflect arrows and block weapons.
bullet The iron fist can be used as a bare handed punching weapon to devastating effect.

The iron fist is forged of solid iron and is virtually  immune to almost all damage. It is impervious to fire, cold and lightning (though it will conduct electricity). It is highly resistant to acid. 

Drellis Effect Response

Functions normally regardless of stellar phase.



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