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Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

Grimnoth is a fashioned construct... an automaton built from dozens of different humanoid body parts fused with metal plating, wires, tubes, gears and magical circuitry. He is roughly half organic and half mechanical. Grimnoth stands 2.1 meters tall and weighs about 200 kilograms. Much of that weight can be attributed to the heavy armor plating which covers much of his body. Probably because of this great weight and heavy construction, Grimnoth is slow in combat. Although he may strike last, he strikes very hard. He is normally armed with a massive, cleaver-like blade which he wields effortlessly with one hand.


Grimnoth was fashioned in 2642 CY by Saramuthak, the Chaddamarian sorcerer turned necromancer.  Shortly before Saramuthak was imprisoned by the Church of the Chaddamar, Grimnoth disappeared.


Grimnoth is a well-built and heavily armored half-machine, half-corpse construct. He does not eat, sleep, breathe or carry on any other normal biological function. He is immune to poison and disease. He feels no pain. Despite being mostly machine, Grimnoth is intelligent and self aware. Like most undead, Grimnoth is unaffected by mind affecting magic.

Healing potions will only affect Grimnoth's organic components. His mechanical components must be repaired. Grimnoth is extremely durable, able to withstand a fireball at point blank range. Although he is slow moving and an easy target, his armor is thick and difficult to penetrate.

Grimnoth's left eye is a mechanical construct with several enchanted lenses in metal brackets. Each crystalline lens is enchanted to give Grimnoth a specific mode of enhanced vision. The lenses are: Telescopic, Thermal, Low Light, Detect Magic and Detect Life Energy. These lenses swing into place over the main eye socket when needed and fold back out of the way into a special enclosed compartment when not in use.

Drellis Effect Response

Grimnoth is unaffected by stellar phases.


Grimnoth has no tongue or voice box. He does not speak at all. However, he does understand his "master" (regardless of language spoken).

Grimnoth has a variety of special features - a built-in tool kit (which contains 28 tools specifically for repairing Grimnoth), a grapnel hook launcher attached to a fifty foot chain and a small cargo compartment in his stomach. This cargo space has a hatch, but it is not air tight.

Grimnoth can read and write a very crude form of the Chaddamarian language.

Since Saramuthak is imprisoned, Grimnoth may follow another "master" if he encounters someone who seems suitable (depending on circumstances - game master's discretion).


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