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Stasis Sphere

Other Names Time Bubble
Category Device
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

A stasis sphere appears as a small, very heavy glass sphere, about the size of a small apple. It is either completely clear or dark and smoky depending on whether it is empty or filled.


The first stasis spheres were originally created by Saramuthak, a necromancer and wizard in the Chaddamarian theocracy. The first stasis spheres were created to store magical creations in various stages of completion. He has created hundreds and some have been stolen, bought or traded away. Several other wizards in Aggradar have copied the design and formulae to make their own version. Stasis spheres have been founded in treasure troves as far away as Ithria.


A stasis sphere is a storage device, capable of storing huge amounts of equipment, weapons, even people. An empty stasis sphere appears as clear glass. A stasis sphere which is storing something appears as if some dark, smoky mist churns within it. Putting something in a stasis sphere involves simply holding the sphere, saying the command word and then touching the sphere to the object. The object will change into a dark swirling mist and be sucked into the glass sphere. A stasis sphere can store anything, even living creatures, up to about 500 pounds of mass. Inside the sphere, time does not pass. Food is kept fresh, creatures do not age, etc. Magic is maintained as well. Unfinished magic items, spell effects and the like will be kept static while in the sphere.

Stasis spheres can be used repeatedly. It can be filled, emptied and filled again a thousand times over. Any combination of things can be stores in a stasis sphere, but the maximum weight limit can not be exceeded.

A stasis sphere has a command word. The original batch were named for their creator and the command word was "Saramuthak", however, later variations may have other commands.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.


He known as Saramuthak, did bind his work in baubles black,
Wherein tomorrow's never seen and dweomercrafts are ever keen.
Necromancies unfinished stay to be done up another day.
As they ere then, so this one now, a fashioned man who waits to bow.


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