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King's Relics

Other Names Kitaran Artifacts
Category Jewelry
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

These three artifacts are a set. They are always seen and used together. The King's Relics refers to three artifacts wielded by the King of Kitar: The Sceptre of Might, the Crown of Wisdom and the Ring of Truth. All three are decorated with the purest gold and precious blood opals. All three share the same distinctive engravings clearly identifying them as a set.


The history of these items is well known to the citizens of Kitar. The existence of these items has shaped Kitaran history and is now a part of their heritage.

In the chaotic war torn years following the Great War, a noble from the dying Thullian Empire, who had managed to retain not only his life but a large portion of his wealth, settled in a wooded valley in the center of the Snowy Timber and declared himself king in the year of 355 CY. Many of the local villages, tired of war and raidings, united with him and thus the tiny Kingdom of Imarrillus was formed. 

Even so, the world was a dangerous place. Bandits prowled and renegade mercenary legions roamed freely. To protect his kingdom, King Imarrillus commissioned Oetharan, a very old and powerful wizard who had studied with the Alliance in his younger days, to create three powerful weapons. Oetharan worked for several years. The items were completed in 356 CY. Part of the magic limited the the use of the items to those of the one true bloodline of the Kingdom and only the currently reigning King.

Beginning in 366 CY, the Kingdom of Imarrillus suffered severe bandit raids. The raids reached a climax in 375 and ended when a great army of pillaging marauders numbering in the thousands rode down on the sleeping city, took the citizens completely by surprise and wiped them out. When it was all over, King Imarrillus, along with his councillors, advisors and family, lay dead. The bandit leader took the three magical artifacts from the king's cold hands.

After months of attempts, the bandit leader was unable to evoke any magic from the three artifacts. He hid them away in the bowels of the castle of Imarrillus and sketched a map to their exact location. He kept the map with him always and spent years searching for a way to make them work. Eventually, the bandit group broke up and the castle fell into ruins. The artifacts lay beneath the castle... forgotten. 

Centuries later, in 1824 CY, the newly formed nation of Kitar suffered political tension and military threat from the expanding Rukemian Empire. The son of the reigning king and two friends, having acquired an ancient map by fate, followed it to the ruins of the ancient castle. Little of the structure still stood. They ventured into the catacombs below and, after a brief battle with the monstrous denizens therein, uncovered the three artifacts in a sarcophagus. They returned to Kitar triumphant and gave the three strange magical relics to the King's Magus to be identified.

Early the next year, in 1825 CY, the King's Magus successfully deciphered the aura of the artifacts. The relics would only reveal their powers to one of royal blood. He conducted the appropriate ceremony and the three artifacts bonded with the King of Kitar. Later that year, with the help of the "King's Relics", Kitar won a major battle against Rukemian imperial soldiers and this event swung the balance of the war. Kitar successfully negotiated a peace treaty with Rukemia which still stands to this day.

The King's Relics have been passed down through the ruling family for many generations. They are extremely powerful and well protected.


The Sceptre of Might

The Sceptre of Might is the King's primary weapon. It is a powerful bludgeoning device that inflicts terrible wounds. Every blow lands with bone crushing force and unleashes a clap of thunder. Despite this, the sceptre is light and easy to wield. While holding this device, the King does not get tired. The Sceptre can be used to bless ally soldiers and heal the wounded. Finally, while holding the Sceptre, the King is imbued with great strength and vitality. He is able to shrug of minor wounds and withstand great blows that would normally kill him.

The Crown of Wisdom

The Crown grants several functions of divination and knowledge. With the Crown, the King can see distant places as if he were there. He can communicate telepathically with those close to him even though they may be in distant lands. Finally, in a limited manner, the Crown of Wisdom allows the King to see a short way into the future and ascertain the most likely beneficial course of action. 

The Ring of Truth

While wearing this ring, the King can separate truth from deceit. He is simply able to determine whether or not he is being lied to. The ring also allows him to read the minds of others and divine true meanings and hidden agendas. While wearing this item, the King is able to see all things plainly - he can see invisible objects, see through illusions and so on.

Drellis Effect Response

Like most relics and artifacts, these items function normally through all stellar phases.


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