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Kerlian's War Gauntlets

Other Names None
Category Armor
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

These magnificent gauntlets cover the hands and forearms all the way up to the elbow. They are constructed of black leather and interlocking metallic plates made from a dark colored metal.


Manufactured in 1704 CY for Normidia's great military leader, General Kerlian, by the mage Doezur. The gauntlets were worn in may battles by Kerlian until his death by the mountain giant Ulgoth in 1720 CY. They remained in Ulgoth's lair until recovered by the hero Vargasi who slew Ulgoth in 1784 CY. Vargasi wore them for decades. Upon his death and the looting of his stronghold, the gauntlets were lost. They have surfaced through the years in various battles being worn by different warriors. Through the 19th and 20th centuries, they were held by the orcs of the north. By 2300 CY they had made it down to Pirate Isles and were worn by the dread pirate Vaarkus. They were last reported being worn by a commander in the Coalition in 2615 CY. Over the last century, their whereabouts have been unknown.


Kerlian's War Gauntlets greatly increases the wearer's strength. The gauntlets provide extremely good protection for the hands and forearms. The gauntlets cause regeneration, but this regeneration affects only the hands and forearms. Any wound to the hands or forearms will be healed quickly. For all intents and purposes, between the armor protection and the regeneration, the hands and forearms are virtually indestructible. While wearing these gauntlets, the wearer can block attacks. For each attack sacrificed, one incoming attack can be blocked. By simply willing it, spikes can be made to protrude from the gauntlets. When spiked, the gauntlets make even a simple punch a deadly attack and damage is greatly magnified.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect. Functions normally during all phases.


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