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The Ruins of Tal-Athon


The ruins of Tal-Athon are a little known ruin because of its remote location in the extreme northwest. Once a great city during the Age of Dreams, it is not a forgotten ruin in the hills. It contains forty nine buildings, none of which are intact, a single great tower, dozens of fragments of roads and walls, a central plaza overgrown with weeds and three copper statues corroded with age.


The ruins of Tal-Athon lie west of Normidia, in the northern foothills of the Thunder Peaks.

Known History

Unfortunately, almost nothing of Arilon language and culture has survived to the current Age. And so, little is known of this town's palce in history. Scholars know that it was a part of the Arilon Provinces during the Age of Dreams. It had an estimated population of 40,000. It is known that there was a wealthy and powerful wizard's guild here that occupied a single great tower. Arilon's best wizards were taught at this very place.

Very few know this, but Tal-Athon was the birth place of the great weapon known as Farastu and of its creator, a wizard named Rohan.

Tal-Athon Today

This is the best preserved Arilon ruin in the world and some scholars come here specifically to study it. There is a group of dwarves from Uthran who venture to Tal-Athon once each year to study the ancient architecture. On occasion, a group of young adventure seekers will make the journey to pick among the stones looking for buried treasure.

The great tower of the wizards' guild has collapsed. Only the first three floors are intact. The rest has fallen, leaving a vast swath of grey rubble stretching for more than two hundred feet toward the north. Such was the intensity of magic wrought here that the ruins of this once great tower still have a faint aura of magic that clings to the old stones.

Because of its remote location, few people come here. For those who do make the journey, they will find a few acres of crumbling grey stones among the weeds, but little more. It is likely that any treasures here were carried off centuries ago.


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