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The Ruins of North Aden


The ruins of North Aden consist of dozens of shattered buildings with boulders, rubble and other fragments of wall littering the ground. The destruction radiates outward from a central crater which is 65 meters across (213 feet). Littered around the crater are huge pieces of masonry, blasted walls and fragments of a field of rubble.


The ruins of North Aden are located in a large oasis in the middle of the Baen Desert.

Known History

This is possibly the single most important ruin in all the world. During the Age of Dreams, it was here that the Alliance, the most powerful organization of wizards, came and built the Great Assembly Hall. It was here that the Focusing was conceived and ultimately failed. It was this very place that gave birth to the Sundering, the World Storm and everything that followed. Considering that this town was at ground zero, it suffered greatly from the initial shockwave when the great Core Crystal exploded. The Assembly Hall was utterly obliterated.

The Ruins of North Aden Today

This place simply hums with power. The area is so saturated with high level magical energy that even common folk can feel. Mages who enter this place will feel the magic of ages pass course through them. It will surge through them giving their magic a tremendous boost. Any spell cast here will be much more powerful than usual (typically 20% more powerful).

Fragments of the original Core Crystal are known as Sunder Shards or molari. These powerfully enchanted shards are rare everywhere else in the world, but they are much more common here. Some adventurous relic hunters will risk the dangerous journey into the Baen Desert to search these ruins for the rare green crystals which fetch tremendous prices.

Currently little is left. Morlokk, the reclusive Desert Mage visits here often, exploring and unearthing artifacts from the Alliance. Few people ever come here. It is in the middle of the Baen Desert, difficult to get to and quite remote. Some baenites occasionally come here, though this is rare.


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