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The Ruins of Myredor


Myredor is an ancient ruined city from the Age of Dreams. The wreckage of some sixty stone buildings, few of them intact, stand amongst a few fragments of road and a large central plaza with a fracture stone fountain. The ruin is entirely surrounded by the forest. Trees have grown here and there, dislodging many of the immense stone blocks and much of the ruin is choked with weeds. Stone blocks, partially buried and obscured, are scattered throughout the forest around the central ruin, suggesting the city was quite large.


The ruins of Myredor lie in the northwest corner of the Grand Wood forest.

Known History

Myredor was once a proud city of culture and enlightenment during the Age of Dreams. It was a member city of the Pruelon Brotherhood and was home to more than 80,000 people. Myredor was, in its day, renowned as a city of peace, prosperity and enlightenment. It was the home of several academies and schools and it was famous for its extensive city gardens.

The city was overrun and destroyed in the Battle of Myredor in 422 TIC. Some pieces of literature from that time period suggest the city was overun by demonic forces summoned by a powerful sorcerer. In any case, the city was abandoned after the battle. Folklore implies that the city was "tainted" by dark magic and was abandoned for decades. Myredor was forgotten after 470 TIC when the Sundering occurred and the world storm began. Numerous landquakes since that time destroyed most of the buildings and the forest overtook it. It has lain in ruins since then.

Myredor Today

Myredor is one of the few ruins of the Pruelon Brotherhood. It is known to have a connection to the history of the fabled dagger known as Farastu. Today, the elves of Cyrell occasionally visit the ruins, but they say that even now, they can feel a "darkness" about the place. It is true that there is a strong magical aura here. Healing magic will not work here. Anyone trying to sleep here will find themselves plaqued by nightmares. Finally, at night, disturbing things are sometimes seen. Illusions of a horrifying nature, like the place itself suffers nightmares.


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