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The Bellowguard


We are the Bellowguard and we rule the night here.
We steal the ore, we pluck the jewels and no secret is safe from us for long.
- Kalrotus

Type of Organization

Criminal Guild

Type of Members

Thieves, Burglars, Smugglers, Fences, Bandits, Thugs
Number of Members 246
Demographics Human (Padashani) 77%, Human (Other) 15%, Mandalar 4%, Other 4%

Primary Location(s)



Chief Kalrotus
Year Founded 2581 CY
Symbol None.
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Stable

The city of Qazadeen in the Padashan Empire is home to three separate thieves guilds, but the Bellowguard is the largest and most successful. It specializes in smuggling raw iron ore and finished metal goods out of Qazadeen and selling them to other provinces.

Most of this smuggling is accomplished with a tunnel that runs under the city, beneath both city walls, from a blacksmith's workshop in the inner city to a tavern in the outer city. This allows them to move people, cargo and stolen goods in and out of the city with ease. The tunnel is lined with lead to protect it from magical scrying. The Bellowguard is careful not to steal and smuggle too much… they just skim off of the top. There are many miners, guards, caravan drivers and smiths who are on the take and, for a few coins, will look the other way.

Besides smuggling, the Bellowguard conducts burglary on nobles' houses, attacks caravans, performs assassinations, maintains a network of spies for information brokering and even runs a few small legitimate businesses.

The headquarters of the Bellowsguard is located in the city of Qazadeen, but it has at least a couple of men in every town in the Karoush province.

The Bellowguard is ruled by Kalrotus, an obese, dark skinned man with a long and elaborate braided black beard and dreadlocks. He dresses in outlandish and flamboyant attire and wears excessive jewelry. Kalrotus has nothing but hatred for the elite of Qazadeen and delights in stealing from them every day. He was castrated as a young boy and forced to serve in the court of King Lerroth (the grandfather of the current king) decades ago. Kalrotus later escaped, began a life of crime and rose up through the ranks of a local thieves guild before taking over and starting a new organization with a new name. Kalrotus is driven by revenge and has worked hard to achieve his current station. He is devious, cunning and has a talent for seeing two steps ahead of an enemy. Kalrotus claims the title of "Chief" and all those who serve him call him by this title.

A big black skinned bald warrior named Brataius is his right hand man, bodyguard and chief enforcer. He holds the title of Vizier and rules over a squad of muscle bound warriors. Brataius and his enforcers are absolutely loyal to Kalrotus.

The Bellowguard has a very top down organization. Tools, information, supplies and assignments are handed down from "Chief Kalrotus". Every job, whether burglary, robbery, assassination or other, is discussed and evaluated before a team of thieves is sent to execute it.

Thieves who come to Qazadeen are not bullied into joining. Instead the Bellowguard merely keeps an eye on them and they are left in peace as long as they don't get in the way.

The name "Bellowguard" is a subtle jab at the authorities, implying that the thieves of this guild are the true soldiers who "guard the bellows" referring to the bellows of an iron forge. It also has a second meaning, that the thieves of this guild are the "guards below" referring to their well hidden smuggling tunnel which runs right under the feet of the authorities.

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