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The Village of Hazrathat



Hazrathat is a small town on the journey from Visaal to Qazadeen. It’s exactly half way. Hazrathmat is a frequent stop for caravans and other between Vissal and Qazadeen.

It lies right on the border between the two provinces. It pays tribute to neither provincial capital and has a reputation for being independent. Hazrathat remains neutral in any dispute between the two provinces.

It is a small walled town with several towers that have flags fluttering from their pinnacles. The town gates are strong and well defended. The town is built around a large central market plaza, but has several smaller plazas.

Hazrathmat has several good inns and taverns to please the flow of travelers that come through here. Several mercantile guilds, including the Slavers guild, have small offices here.


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