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Also known as the "Cold Tongue", Borrellish is the language of the Borrellian peoples. Each clan has its own unique dialect, but all are similar. The most widely used are from the most powerful clans : Snow Dragon, Polar Bear, Winter Wolf, Ice Drake and Polar Worm. Speakers of this language can be found throughout the northwest peninsula and the Malus Mountains. Many people in Duthelm and Kitar also speak Borrellish.


Borrellish is a descendent of Thullian. Borrellish is remotely similar to Rukemian due to their common origin, but has a more harsh pronunciation.


Borrellish has no true written form and therefore no alphabet. However, the hatraddi shamans use a cryptic script called hataradan to record their teachings, spells and formulae. It is an odd writing of squared runes and primitive number systems. It does have a distant similarity to the Thullian and Rukemian alphabets.


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