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Thullian was the most wide spread language before the Great War and is the base of most modern languages in eastern Ithria including: Rukemian, Grumman, Carrik, Borrellish and Baenese. It is a dead language not spoken by any modern societies. Many ancient texts are written in Thullian and it is often considered the "scholars' tongue".


Thullian is a balanced language. Neither consonants nor vowels take precedence over the other. It has no blatant rhythm or lack of, but is strong and steady. It was one of the most widely spoken languages when the Thullian Empire was at the height of its power just prior to the Sundering. There were dozens of regional dialects spread across the empire, but all variations shared a common alphabet and differed only in pronunciation.


Thullian is based on an alphabet with 32 letters.


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