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"Tread not the road to Damogoth... only steel and blood will greet you."
- Pagrad, Chief Scholar of Okslad

Ruler Her Most Imperial Supremacy, Mother of the Sybrenar, the Empress Kalishan
Population 184,700
Demographics Sybrenar 81%, Hyttar 11%, Human 4%, Magrakian 2%, Other 2%
Adjectival/Demonym Damogathian/Damogathians
Languages 100% Sybrenar (Official Language)
Nationality Sybren Imperium
National Colors Red, black and silver
Year Founded 2239 CY
Currency Sybreni Imperial Coinage
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Wheat, fish, iron ore, wool, horses, coal
Wealth Very Wealthy
Government Type Imperial Autocracy
Government Stability Very stable.
Allies None
Enemies Trossoli Dominion, Padashan Empire, Magrakor, Iron States
Walled Yes. 20 foot stone curtain wall.
Crime Level Low
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Guelrilath
Other Religion Trodule
Climate Temperate
Terrain Grasslands, River Valleys, Varied coastline


Damogoth is the imperial capital city of the Sybren Imperium. The architecture of Damogoth is complex. Most buildings are connected to each other by sky bridges. The outer walls are connected to the inner walls. The inner walls are connected to military garrisons and fortresses. Sybrenar tend to build huge squat buildings that sometimes reach twelve, even fifteen, stories tall. These immense structures typically have a geometric style to them with a design that emphasizes angles and triangles.

The city is built in stepped tiers. From the Main Temple (which is up against the side of a hill) and it stair steps down to the coast. Each tier has a different social standing. Each tier equates to a different city district.

bulletTier 1 - Religious
bulletTier 2 - Government
bulletTier 3 - Military
bulletTier 4 - Scholars and Academic
bulletTier 5 - Guilds and Craftsmen
bulletTier 6 - Commoners, Laborers
bulletTier 7 - The coast, the docks, the seaport, the ships, the poor, the destitute.





The Imperial Palace

This immense is breathtaking. Stands 25 stories tall. Has over 10,000 separate chambers. This sprawling complex fills the Imperial District and spills into other districts. It is connected to 25 other buildings and the city walls through tunnels and skybridges. The Palace Guard is over 12,000 strong.





The Damogoth City Guard patrols the city with large well-armed group. Each patrol group consists of 13 men - one officer, ten soldiers, one spell caster, and one political officer. Two of the soldiers have trained dogs with them. A patrol group carries a large amount of varied gear with them. They are trained and equipped such that they can deal with situation they encounter without having to call on reinforcements or specialized assistance.

The city is patrolled by 40 such groups at any one time.


The primary diety in this region is Guelrilath and he is the patron diety of the city. All other dieties are forbidden and no shrines or altars to other gods exist here.

The Main Temple of Guelrilath

The temple of Guelrilath is actually a large compounding containing several temples around a central courtyard. Standing over this courtyard at one end is the Statue of Guelrilath. The compound here houses 420 priests.



In addition to farming and fishing and mining the local hills, Damogoth is a major shipbuilding and whaling center. Whaling ships bring back huge whale carcasses for processing. Meat and oil are obtained from them.

The Main Market Square

The Main Market Square is a huge thing divided up into multiple platforms at different heights, connected to each other in a dizzying array of stairs, platforms, balconies, etc. Has 26 different platforms on five different levels. Staggered arrangement. Connected to several other buildings. Each platform has a different "specialty".


Guilds and Organizations


The Arena

An immense coliseum that seats 80,000. All manner of spectacles are witnessed here - one on one combat, group combat, monster fights, executions, etc.

The University of Damogoth

Focuses on military training, martial arts, physical training and a broad spectrum of literature, mathematics, history and more.


Important People

The Empress Kalishan

Supreme in her authority, the Empress rules the Imperium unchallenged. She is a cruel dictator focused on expanding her domain by conquering all other nations. She delights in military parades, public executions and arena combat.

General Koron Galomog, Supreme Commander of the Sybrenar Armies

A greatly respected warrior and leader who is loved by his troops. General Galomog is all business. Never goes anywhere with his two war dogs.

Vargus the Ravager - Gladiator

Undefeated arena combat champion. Half sybrenar and half magrakian. Escaped from the Trossoli Dominion. Had been a victim of biological experimentation and was a product of the Sarthak Life Creation Experiements. Is a crossbreed. Immensely strong and powerful.

Asomalath, The Sorceress

Dwells in a great cavern complex to the north. Just outside of the city. Is served by a tribe of hyttar that she has magically compelled to serve her. She has ties to the government and is held in awe and respect. She is a loner, hermit.

Jymus Proemar, The Crime Boss

Runs the largest underworld organization. Has secret headquarters underground, connected to the sewer system, down by the docks. His name is greatly feared in underworld circles. Has a reputation as utterly ruthless.




City Districts


Monuments and Public Spaces


Statue of Guelrilath

This colossal work of art stands 142 meters tall (465 feet) tall and is carved from the side of a stony hill. It stands overlooking the city of Damogoth, overlooking the harbor, staring out to see. The statue stands directly over the central . Secret chambers in the hillside exist behind the statue. A single room has two windows which form the eyes of the statue.


Architecture and Infrastructure

Street Lights

The Sybrenar light their streets with iron lanterns that hang from wooden posts at the intersection of streets. These lanterns are lit with sunmoths, large biolumniscent insects At night, these insects light up. Predators avoid these moths because of their terrible taste. Despite the fact that they are easy to find. That bitter taste becomes a terrific stench when the creatures die. The Sybrenar imprison the moths in large glass cylinders. Some shop owners will throw in grasshooppers and small insects and leaves for the sunmoths to feed on (and thus extending their lives).  Regarldess of how long the moth lives, it is replaced when it expires. Sunmoths are common in the Baelwood.


Four separate and distinct underworld organizations vie for power amidst the tapestry of this immense city.

The Masquerade

The Masquerade is the largest and most powerful underworld organization in the Imperium. It's headquarters is in Damogoth, but it has chapters in other towns around the nation. The Damogoth headquarters are a well kept secret and lie somewhere underground. These headquarters are connected via a network of tunnels to other secret chambers around the city. This secret maze of thieves tunnels is connected to the sewer system, natural caves and underwater entrances down by the docks. The Masquerade is a well organized criminal society with ranks and its own laws and traditions. They run protection rackets, smuggling, drugs, stolen goods, prostitutes, blackmail and hired killings.

Kyber's Rogues

This thieves guild is some 200 members strong and centered Damogoth, although individual members may be encountered around the Imperium on various errands. This guild is ruled by a powerful sybrenar wizard named Demen Kyber. He is a skilled sorcerer that uses his magic to aid his underlings, but also keep them in line. Some say he is in league with demonic forces that he communicates with through rituals and that he serves them. Some even say that he gets some of his power from the demon world. While that may in question, it is certain that he dabbles in dark arts, alchemy and poisons.

Order of the Steel Hand

This secretive order numbers less than 100 men and women. All are skilled assassins that use a mix of martial arts, weapon combat, poison and stealth. They are highly skilled ascetics that focus on skills and training, rather than wealth and glory. The Order of the Steel Hand is run by a reclusive master assassin. The Order of the Steel Hand specializes in contracted murders. On occasion, the Order may also send out members as bounty hunters to capture wanted criminals.

The Whisperers

The Whisperers are an informal network of information brokers, informants and spies. The Whisperers make it their business to know everything going on in the Imperium and use that knowledge to their advantage. Many members are also thieves. The Whisperers have contacts among fences, caravan merchants, corrupt city guards, jewelers, etc. They help keep the wheels of the underworld turning, all the while turning a profit.

Inns and Taverns

Name and Owner Description
The Five Unfettered
Tavern - This popular tavern is run by five women, all widowed when the men in their marital collective were killed while fighting with the sybrenar armies in the east. Ruling over the five women is Trialdan, a powerful and scheming business woman.
The Vulture's Perch
Inn - An impressive inn that stands a short distance outside the city, atop a tall stony cliff overlooking the crashing surf of the Briny Sea. A huge platform on four chains can be lowered down the cliff to ships below. Passengers, cargo and supplies can be lifted up into the inn.
The Cracked Coffer
Tavern /Inn - A large, 3 story inn with a large central drinking and eating common room and twelve rooms for rent. This place also has a number of private dining/meeting rooms available for a price. Unknown to the authorities, the Cracked Coffer is one of the primary covers for the Masquerade thieves guild.
The Bloody Hammer Tavern
Tavern/Inn/Gambling Hall - This establishment is just outside of town sitting atop a small hill. It is a run by an Bimoran, a sybrenar and an ex-thief. This establishment is a cover for the local thieves guild. Unknown to most, this building sits on top of the ruins of a small keep, most of which is underground in the hill. Long ago, Bimoran discovered the entrance to a ruined keep in a hill and inside found a trap-filled shrine. At the center of this shrine is a magical hammer, golden and glowing, floating above a raised dias. Bimoran claims to know all about the trap filled shrine... that he built it himself. In truth, Bimoran tried and was unable to reach the hammer. He built the gambling hall above the site. Now, he invites any to steal the hammer from "his" trap filled maze. The prize is 100 gold pieces. Many try. Most die horribly. A few manage to limp away with their lives. Bimoran figures that if anyone actually manages to get the hammer, he will kill them for it. In the meantime, he makes a profit from the betting that takes place on those who risk their lives to get the hammer. Bimoran has two magrakian slaves as bodyguards. They are twin brothers, Borash and Morash.
The Knotty Mariner
Tavern/Inn/Nautical Guild - A huge five story building of stone and timber. This place is more like a fortified guild hall than a simple tavern. The Knotty Mariner stands on great stilts over the water at the edge of the docks. It is built about a huge central hall that serves as a bar to all patrons. Everyone is welcome. The upper levels hold rooms for rent, meeting halls and such. Most patrons here are mariners and the meeting halls are often used by ship crews and nautical groups. A great deal of trade and barter in ships, ship parts and jobs takes place here.


Name and Owner Description
The Crossing
Trading Post - A tall eight story stone building with heavy iron doors and excellent security.
Stone and Veil
Communal Bath/Social Club - This is a social club for the social elite of the city. The wealthy and powerful come here to indulge in every whim - sexual or otherwise. Decadent food, orgies crossing between marital collectives, bathing, massage and musical entertainment are the norm here. Also has private suites and selection of prostitutes for hire.
The Copper Eagle
Coppersmith - The Copper Eagle is an impressive building. The stone walls of this fortified keep are plated with solid copper shingles in the shape of serpentine scales. The building appears to be draped in shimmering dragon skin which lights up with fire when the afternoon sun strikes it. The building is said to be guarded with the tortured spirits of those who have stolen from the coppersmith. This keeps would be thieves from plucking copper scales from the building. The coppersmith that works here is a powerful mage who works spells into his work. He forges all many of copper items - weapons, armor, objects of art, coins and jewelry. Lothegrun takes on a new apprentice each year and never has more than three at one time. Lothegrun makes a special copper variety of the sybrenar plate armor which is used in krumgol martial arts. This armor is heavily enchanted and very expensive. He makes only one such suit each year and it usually is sold to a military officer.
The Court of the Crimson King
War Academy/Fighter Guild - The self-proclaimed "Crimson King" is an ex-gladiator who won his freedom and served 12 years fighting for the Imperium against Pugnar hordes in the east. Now retired from a bloody career, he trains young fighters in the ruthless krumgol fighting style. He owns a pair of aukarian wulfren hounds that are well trained and never leave his side. He considers the wulfren the one thing of worth to come out of Aukaria. He considers the rest of Aukaria, and the Aukarians themselves, worthy of his wrath. Verawon is a ruthless task master who is brutal to his students. More than half of his students withdraw from the school before the eyar is up. About one in ten dies.


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