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Age 42 Hair Style Short curly hair
Race Grum Hair Color Brown
Height 1.05 meters (3'5") Eye Color Grey
Weight 45 kilograms (99 lb) Distinguishing Marks Large nose
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Heavy wool cap, short cloak.

Profession Thief, gambler, underworld contact
Chief Location City of Freeport.
Affiliations -
Languages Southern, Clan Grumman, Juema
Skills Unarmed Combat, Blade Combat, Stealth, Lockpicking, Gambling, Pickpocketing


Glassjaw is a grumman thief who lives and works in the city of Freeport. He is an older member of the thieves guild and well known to most in the underworld of that city. He is a frequent gambler at many of the city's seedier establishments and is involved with various smuggling operations, high stakes robberies and other nefarious activities.

Physical Appearance

Glassjaw is clean shaven with a head of curly brown hair which is almost always under a heavy wool cap. He wears a cloak over leather armor. He has a friendly face dominated by a rather bulbous nose.


Despite the common thugs and thieves that he associates with, Glassjaw has a friendly, amiable, almost upbeat, demeanor. He is funny and charismatic. Beneath this jovial exterior is a true narcissist. Glassjaw only cares for himself and how to make a quick profit. He will always look to turn any situation to his advantage and has no problem betraying a friend to save his own skin.

Notable Skills

Glassjaw is an expert gambler and a quick witter fast talker, but he's an exceptional thief as well. His particularly specialty is lockpicking and stealthy infiltrations.


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