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Age 39 Hair Style Long and worn in a ponytail 
Race Ogre Hair Color Black
Height 2.4 meters (7' 10") Eye Color Green
Weight 245 kilograms (540 lb) Distinguishing Marks Scars on left arm, face, chest.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Broadsword, tower shield, studded leather armor

Profession Mercenary swordsman.
Chief Location Central Ithria including Ithell, the Drakkellian Alliance, Corvenia, and Jannerus.
Affiliations None.
Languages Southern, Northern, Ogrish
Skills Sword combat

General Description

Blutark, who sometimes goes by the nickname "Smasher", is a well known mercenary swordsmen of central Ithria. He has had a colorful past and ample time to make a number of allies and enemies. He is known as a expensive merc, but one who can get the job done. He is noted as being particularly quick with a blade and the sword that he carries is enchanted.

Blutark has a tendency to get into trouble and usually extricates himself with a violent solution. Subtlety is not one of his strengths. In particular, he is often at the heart of (and usually the cause of) whatever tavern brawl may be happening in town. Among his more notable moments, Blutark once stood on a bar wielding a table as a weapon against a crowd. He once bit the throat out of a goblin, punched a horse, and ripped the arm of an orc which he then used to beat the orc's comrades to death.


Blutark was born in the town of Stirling in the kingdom of Arkalia. He was the bastard child of a noble young woman who had been brutally rapped by a ogre bandit. She died during childbirth. Her father, Lord Ieran Teroth  (who hunted down and slew the ogre who had raped his daughter) had vowed to kill the child once it was born. However, he found he was unable to kill the child. Even though he hated the babe, it was his last link to his daughter. He gave the child to the care of the chamberlain at the town's small fighter guild. 

At the Stirling fighter guild, Blutark spent many long years as an indentured servant, cleaning out stables and polishing armor. When he was old enough, he served as a sparing partner for many of the warriors. He lived at the guild with an old, blind veteran named Abadon who befriended him. 

When the Mire Bandits raided the town some years later, the town militia was hard pressed to repel them. Every able bodied man was summoned to the town's defense. Abadon gave Blutark his own personal sword and told him to use this opportunity to escape. He told him to seek his fortune elsewhere in the world. They said their goodbyes and then Blutark went out to fight along side the town's folks. During the battle, he managed to sneak off into the woods. That was the last time Blutark has set foot anywhere near the town of Stirling.

Physical Appearance

Blutark stands 8 foot 2 inches tall and weighs in at 540 pounds. His great hulking frame sports broad shoulders and a bit of a belly. He is strikingly ugly and he flaunts his rather brutish features with great delight. He enjoys nothing more than terrorizing young women with nothing more than a sudden appearance and a toothy grin.


Blutark is a typical ogre - rude, crude, noisy and without manners. He enjoys large meals, strong ale and simple tavern songs (although he is a notoriously bad singer who is simply incapable of singing in key).  He prefers to avoid the company of nobles and sticks with the commoners of the world. Blutark has no compunctions about fighting and killing. For him, its simple a useful skill that gets him paid well. He will happily sign up for any job or mission if the money is good enough. 


The weapon that Abadon gave to Blutark is a finely crafted broadsword made from shadow steel. Besides being well balanced and having a keen edge, it is enchanted to cast a spell of darkness and silence over the immediate area upon a spoken command  It is called Shadowweaver.

Besides his weapon, Blutark carries a shield and wears studded leather armor, heavy boots and a heavy cloak during the winter. He carries most of his possessions in a large leather satchel slung round his shoulder. A huge knife is worn strapped to his boot. He does not usually ride horses as most are too small for him and tire easily under his great weight.


As one would expect, Blutark has a wide spectrum of combat skills, most particularly sword combat. He is also a fine wrestler and brawler. He travels a great deal and so is familiar with much of central Ithria. He is not particularly stealthy, but his enchanted blade makes up for this. Blutark has very little patience and few social skills. He has no social grace and no concept of protocol. 


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