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The following scrap of text is recovered in the Lore Masters archive when the characters search for "Vellok"

Vellok was a powerful wizard, most likely from the Coalition originally. He was first reported in Arkalia as a member of the Wizards' Guild at the capital city. Vellok was relatively unknown until a series of murders began. The bodies of mages began turning up. The cause of these deaths was unknown. The bodies were completely unmarked. Vellok was accused, but did not face trial. He fled Arkalia shortly after the accusations were made in 2621 C.Y.

In the following years, Vellok was seen all across the continent. Starting in the year 2631 C.Y., he was seen wearing the holy symbol of Ynthar and continued to do so thereafter. In 2635 C.Y., Vellok established a major stronghold in the southern stretches of the Shard Wastelands. Vellok's greatest enemies were members of a group of heroes who would later become known as the Warriors of the Mark. Vellok first encountered the group in the year 2637 C.Y. He continued to do battle with them for many years afterward.

Beginning in 2641 C.Y., Vellok began a series of quests. It is thought that these quests were in some way connected with Yntharian lore. (This is based on reports made by the Warriors of the Mark). Vellok's problems continued with the Warriors of the Mark. In 2644 C.Y., the Warriors of the Mark disappeared. It is assumed that Vellok finally defeated them.

In 2680 C.Y., Vellok and his minions abandoned the Shard Wasteland fortress. The reasons for this abandonment (a hasty evacuation according to local reports) is unknown. Local folklore insists that a great deal of treasure and magical lore was left in the lower levels and waits to be found for those brave enough to claim them.

In 2681 C.Y., Vellok relocated and established a stronghold north of the Drakkelian Alliance. Ambushes and raids that followed over the next several years were attributed to the archmage, but little was seen of him. No other significant activity has been noted from this stronghold. It is assumed that Vellok has long since died and control of this keep has passed into other hands.

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