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The Temples Of Ynthar

 Research Report prepared by the Yntharian
Investigation Committee for the Court of Ardiron, 2701 C.Y.

When the religion of Ynthar was at its height before the Great War, four temples were built. Three lesser temples, one each to body, mind and spirit... and one greater temple. The Greater Temple symbolize the unity and harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit. The Greater Temple (now ruins) is in the eastern hills of what is now the Falkir Clans. The three Lesser Temples are located around the Greater at great distances forming an equilateral triangle with the Greater at its center.

Because the Great War had such drastic effects on the nations of Khoras and the very land itself, old landmarks and maps are useless. This is why any study in ancient history is so difficult. However, by studying multiple texts and comparing notes with those land features which survived, it is possible to locate the approximate position of pre-War constructs.

Based upon our research, the Temple of the Body is most likely near the center of the devastated land area now known as the Rift Vale. It is most likely underground, the entrance being atop a large hill. No activity has been noted in this area and it is likely that this Temple has not yet been rediscovered.

The Temple of the Mind is probably buried deep in the coniferous forest northwest of Arcanum. We have noted the appearance of some Yntharian priests in this area and this temple may be undergoing repair. It may one day be active again.

The Temple of the Spirit is a more difficult case. Our calculations place it somewhere in the Sentinel Mountains, but no further information is available. Considering that it is deep in Coalition territory, we have been unable to examine the area or pre-War texts of this area. We have no way of knowing whether this Temple is active or destroyed, forgotten or possibly under Coalition control.

Commonalities of these temples are many. They are all built upon the same basic design. Underground, entrance atop a hill, multiple levels and a central worship area. Within this central area is a "core" (the composition and nature of the core varies with the Temple). It was within these cores that my colleague, Gulren, believes the three crystals of Ynthar were created. He also believes that the core and its prodigy are forever linked. That is, a crystal could only be permanently destroyed by taking it back to its place of origin. Likewise, a crystal, if ever damaged, could be repaired in a like manner. Whatever rituals might be involved to affect these results are mere speculation. It is not within the scope of this report to presume any theological considerations or moral evaluations. We are concerned only with the relative magical powers and devices which might be brought to bear against the Empire.

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