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The size and shape of a human, but with definite canine features. Often referred to as "dog men". They are covered in short fur which varies in color. They are an intelligent, tool using primitive race with their own language. They have a hierarchical pecking order where in the strong bully the weak. The Pugnar are an evil race and travel the continent in large bands. They tend to stick to mountainous regions, rocky canyons and other badland areas. They have small mobile communities which they often move. They ride out from their wilderness camps to strike at civilized towns with bandit-style raids and then quickly retreat with their booty. They raid for food, supplies, weapons and prisoners. They cooperate with other evil races on occasion. The Pugnar are quite common in Fyrren’s Wandering. Several Pugnar tribes dwell in the twisting canyons of that region.

The largest concentration of pugnar is a loose confederation of tribes in the central Gyrtara Mountains ranging from the borders of Chaddamar to Fyrren's Wandering.

Pugnar often adorn themselves in crude jewelry which consists of leather, wood, bone, feathers and twisted metal wire. They dwell in large, shallow dens ruled by the strongest female. Pugnar have not mastered metal craft. Any metal weapons or armor they have will likely be stolen. Pugnar warriors typically wear an odd mixed assortment of patchwork armor. Pugnar weaponry typically includes bone knifes, wooden clubs, iron bars, short blades and nets. They occasionally use short bows.

Pugnar have excellent hearing and sense of smell. However, they have poor vision.

Pugnar have no powerful magic about them, but each tribe does have a shaman. This sorcerer uses magic evoked from the spirit world and utilizes the powers inherent in the natural world. Their spells often involve natural material components such as blood, stone, fire, water and bone.

Pugnar shamans manufacture something called spirit bones. A spirit bone is a single bone (usually the bone of an enemy) which is decorated with feathers, ornaments and runes. It is enchanted with a single spell. Breaking the bone unleashes the spell. These spirit bones can be infused with spells of healing or spells that cause harm. They are typically given to warrior Pugnar before a battle. Once broken, the magic is used and the spirit bone is useless. It is a single use item.

In general, the pugnar are loud, aggressive bullies. They will bully and intimidate someone the first time they meet someone. They are contemptuous toward weakness and cowards. They want to see who will stand up to them. To them, regular confrontation keeps them strong. Apologies and such may sometimes anger them as they see this as a coward's way to avoid a confrontation.

Pugnar believe in swift, harsh justice. They believe that the punishment should always be thrice the crime. Often, justice is meted out "in the field" by popular vote. No formal trial or judges. Just the majority rule.


Pugnar must earn their name... literally. Young Pugnar are not considered members of the tribe until they have made their first kill in battle. Only then are they given a name and accepted into the community. Until that time, they have no name, no identity and no worth. They are referred to as woakar which translates roughly as "worthless young one".

Many pugnar have addictive personalities. Some love to gamble and will gamble themselves into debt. Other pugnar will become hopelessly addicted to various narcotic herbs. Still others are addicted to the thrill of hunting or combat.


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