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The hurkyte giants are an aggressive and primitive humanoid race of armor skinned, vaguely reptilian humanoids. The hurkytes are heavily muscled humanoids with muzzles and brutish faces. They stand 2 to 3 meters tall and weigh roughly 200 kilograms. They have thick dark green hides, yellow tusks and bloodshot eyes. They breath with a rasp and snort. Their skin is covered in a reptilian scales and thick horny plates on vulnerable body parts, especially the shoulders. They have cranial ridges of horny spikes that run down their neck and back to their short, thick, powerful tails.

Scholars believe that the hurkytes are an offshoot of the saurian race, although both the hurkytes and the saurians deny this. Furthermore, there is great tension between the two races. Hurkytes and saurians do not generally get along and have been known to attack each other on sight. Hurkytes consider saurians to be weak and cowardly. Saurians consider hurkytes to be mindless engines of destruction with no self control.

Hurkytes are cold blooded creatures and will only stay in the warmer (northern) regions of Qeshir. Hurkytes hate the cold and will avoid it at all costs. They dwell in mountainous lowlands, wilderness hills and deep caves, scattered throughout the lands of Qeshir. Hurkytes live in primitive tribes led by the strongest male. Hurkytes dwell in caves or fashion primitive shelters of rocks and logs. They heat their primitive shelters with huge fire pits. Such communities are usually found in mountain valleys. Although hurkytes appear somewhat reptilian, they detest water. They prefer rugged mountains, hills and forests.

Hurkyte society is based around physical strength and combat prowess. Leadership among the hurkytes is determined by bloody combat and tends to establish a definite pecking order among males. They are social beasts and often cooperate with ogres, orcs, mandalar, trogs and other evil humanoid races. Hurkytes have very little magic about them and no skill with sorcery. Hurkytes are dim witted creatures with little patience for study or lore. They have few laws governing their society. Hurkytes do not practice large scale slavery, but they do capture prisoners and sometimes feast on their flesh.

Hurkyte warriors are very strong, able to withstand a lot of damage and fear nothing. They have little skill in armor or weapons, but they need no such skills. Their hides turn blades easily and they are quite adept at simple ripping their opponents apart with their claws. Hurkyte are very patient and can go days without food or water if necessary.

The hurkytes are known for ingesting a native Qeshiran root called the jamot root. Jamot is a tough, fibrous white tuber which grows in northern Qeshir. It is poisonous to most races. However, to the hurkytes, it is a powerful narcotic which induces a euphoric state. Many hurkyte use jamot regularly. Some are hopelessly addicted to jamot and will eat several doses a day, rarely emerging from their stupor.


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