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Trogs are often called Qeshir goblins and they do somewhat distantly resemble goblins, although trogs are much more primitive. The trogs are a primitive cave dwelling humanoid species. They are vile, greedy little creatures that breed by the thousands in dark, dank caves, swamps and forests. Trogs appear as hunched over bipeds about 1.2 meters tall, with dark grey skin, spindly limbs and black beady eyes. Their wrinkled grey hides are hairless. Small yellow tusks protrude from their lips.

Trogs have not developed advanced crafts. They are limited to armor fashioned from bone, wood and leather. Their weapons are typically club and spear. Many just rely on their small sharp claws in combat combined with ferocious bites. Trogs are very cowardly creatures and will only attack if they greatly outnumber their enemy. They are particularly numerous in caves in the Fekwar Mountains. Large trog war parties from this region sometimes raid the Padashan Empire, the Juenta Kingdoms and have even been known to attack the mytharians in the Wind Plains.

Trogs are not particularly intelligent. Their crude language is a cacophony of gibbering, snorts and barks.

They will eat anything. Garbage, carrion, bark, etc. They feast on the living flesh of victims. They have no qualms about eating the flesh of corpses and will even fall upon their own fallen comrades in the heat of battle. Possibly because of these practices, trogs have a remarkable resistance to poison and disease.

Trogs have a great affinity for wild animals. They commonly will ride wolves into battle. They use hawks to hunt and spy, ravens to carry messages between tribes and frequently poison their weapons with venom milked from venomous animals.

Trogs often work in cooperation with other evil humanoid races. They are easily bullied by the stronger humanoids such as mandalar, hurkytes, ogres, orcs and others. Trogs are a common race found in the deep dark of the underworld. They are kept in line by greater masters with whips, threats and magical control.


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