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The Tomarin are the native people of the Iron States. The dukes and nobles of the Iron States are often called the "Lords of Tomarin". The Tomarin are a broad shouldered, hardy race of men. They have many redheads and blondes among their ranks. They are somewhat pale skinned and often have freckles. Tomarin men have thick meaty limbs, thick necks and barrel chests.

The men and women of the Iron States are fond of battle in all of its other forms - games, team sports, weapons practice and a variety of competitions. In many ways, the culture borrows from the old ways of the Kingdom of Tomarin. However, since the realm has fallen back to warring clans, the nature of these people has become a bit more barbaric. The Tomarin share many similarities with the northerners of Ithria. The harsh winters of the northern peninsula have forged a hardy people. They are strong willed, energetic and hard working. They believe in rewarding labor and punishing laziness.

Tomarin take oaths and rules seriously. If a Tomarin swears an oath, you can bet he will stick to it. If given an order he will follow it. They do not break laws, rules or oaths lightly.

The Tomarin are a proud people and do not take kindly to jests made at their expense, especially any remark that would belittle their skill at battle. Make fun of a Tomarin and you had best be prepared to defend yourself. Among their own kind, the Tomarin will joke and tell stories and laugh deep hearty belly laughs.

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