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The padashani people from the Padashan Empire have light brown skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes... almost exclusively. They tend to have slim frames and be about 1.75 meters tall (5 and a half feet). Women of Padashan are often called the most beautiful women in the world. They wear their black hair long and loose. They have deep brown eyes and light brown skin. The men almost always wear a beard or goatee.

Padashani dress very conservatively. Men wear loose ankle length robes with high collars that button up. Government and military officials always bear the National Emblem of Padashan over their heart.  While the poor dress in robes of wool and cloaks of camel hair, the wealthy will dress in silks and satins and decorate their clothes with gold thread and precious jewels.

Women wear loose full body robes and decorative masks to hide their faces. These masks are known as baquins and are molded from the woman's actual face.

Padashani are very polite and have many traditions regarding etiquette to which they strictly adhere. Foreigners often find padashani rules of etiquette difficult to understand and transgressions are common. The padashani consider such vulgarities as simply the price one must pay for dealing with barbaric infidels. Even in the most tense social situations, the padashani will remain polite.

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