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Normidia, Arkalia, Vorrik , River Gate and Uthran are collectively known as the Northerners. Northerners tend to be short, possibly due to some interbreeding with the dwarves. They are known for their fierce blue or  black eyes, dark curly hair, stocky builds and white skin. Northern men tend to wear well trimmed beards. Favored clothing is thick, functional and plain, often in dark greens, greys and blacks. Furs and heavy cloaks are the norm. Silver jewelry is more common than gold. Hammers, axes and other heavy weapons are common as are long, straight heavy blades.

Fish forms a major part of the northerners diet as most of the northern countries have coastlines and rivers and most northerners know how to fish and sail. Festivals are common, usually tied to the passing seasons and successful harvests. Northerners are a sturdy folk. They are used to working hard and they rarely complain. (Another trait that they share in common with the dwarves). Northerners consider those in warmer climates to be "soft". The winters are harsh in these northern regions, but roaring fires, warm ale and plenty of food help keep the winter frost at bay.

Northerners tend to be a serious folk, especially the Vorrikans, whom many would call grim. Northerners are generally conservative, punctual, orderly and well behaved. They believe in getting up early, putting in a hard day's work and getting things done. Northerners tend to view everything as a task to be accomplished or a problem to be solved. Northerners tend to be an active and energetic people. Southerners are considered lazy and frivolous. While the northerners do have festivals and celebrations, there is a time and place for such activities.

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