The World Of Khoras - The Cultured Races - Humans

The Alakubu is the name of the human race that forms the indigenous primitive tribes of the Fire Isles. The alakubu are tall, narrow shouldered and have slim builds. They have dark brown skin, dark brown hair and seem to be closely related (physically) to the eshtari.

The alakubu are divided up into several large tribes. All tribes share a similar base culture and all speak the temegaru language. Generally speaking, the alakubu are a primitive civilization limited to hunting and gathering. They are only just beginning to conduct the most basic subsistence farming on a limited basis. The alakubu have not developed any metalworking technology as of yet.

Although their technology is limited, the alakubu are very close to nature and obtain many useful substances from the plants, animals and soil around them. For instance, the alakubu use byssus, a black thread like fiber, from a local species of giant clam. This material is remarkably strong and used in many crafts including the fabrication of tools, weapons and houses. Short lengths of fantastically strong rope can be fashioned from byssus, but the expense keeps such rope quite rare. Usually only chieftains would have such quantities.

The alakubu have a natural affinity for animals and nature. They have domesticated many different animals. Dolphins, manatee and even some species of shark have been trained by the alakubu. On land, the alakubu have trained monkeys which are used as pets and guard animals. A species of large gorilla has been trained for use in combat and fight along side their human masters in intertribal warfare. The Fire Isles also have a species of small elephant which are used as steeds and beasts of burden.

A local berry produces a juice which the alakubu use for a red dye. A local crustacean has thick blood which the alakubu use to make a vibrant purple dye.