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As implied the name, these aberrants are abnormally large. Giants are grouped as a lesser race although many scholars consider them a class of aberrants. Either way, giants are rare. There are estimated to be less than one thousand giants in the entire world. Some scholars say the number is much less, perhaps only a hundred or so.

In order to be classified as a giant, the humanoid must stand at least three times the height of an average member of its species while being height/weight proportionate. For example, most scholars maintain a human giant must be at least 5 meters (about 16 and a half feet) tall to be considered a giant. While a dwarf giant would only need to be 3.75 meters tall (about 12 feet).

Giants may be of any humanoid race as they are genetic mutations. However, some races seem to produce more giants than others. Humans, ogres, orcs, saurians and grum produce the most giants. Giants from the other races are very rare.

The secambru also have the occasional giant. Their entire race of the secambru are considered "giants", at least historically. However, even the secambru occasionally have a giant towering thrice the height of their citizens. Because of their history and culture, the secambru revere such beings.

Often the mother is killed during childbirth and the larger-than-normal baby grows at an accelerated rate. There have been instances when a giant child is killed out of fear and ignorance. Other villages protect and nurture the child, taking advantage of the great size and strength (for both labor and protection against enemies). Upon reaching adulthood, a typical giant will be three to seven times the average size of that race (usually between 6 and 12 meters tall). Giants tend to be loners with introverted personalities and often leave society at an early age to live in the wilds far from civilized lands.

A giant of the ogre race. A giant of the saurian race.

List of Known Giants

Name Race Height Location Gender Notes
Vangrimaul Phellysian 6.7 meters Shattered Mountains Male Two great horns, golden mane, appears somewhat lion like. A giant phellysian who is also an aberrant. Is a sworn enemy of the dragon, Spittle.
Lurd Human 7.3 meters Ice Rock Mountains Male  
Sar'sethyl Saurian 9.7 meters Trackless Mire Male  
Holrik Human 6.7 meters Northern Vorrik Male  
Grimrath Ogre 11.2 meters Duthelm Male  
Draught Grum 11.4 meters North Sentinels Male Lives between Khenshire and the Falkir Clans among the foothills of the North Sentinels.
Theorbrim Borrellian 8.8 meters Borrell Male Very monstrous. Huge, fat, bald. Fights with a massive hammer.
Clathdar Human 13.4 meters Southern Thunder Peaks Male Of Bathyn descent.
Solmar Human 10 meters Ahtabi Desert Male Padashani origins
Telroth Myrian 7 meters Myria Male  
Nashta Orc 6.8 meters Normidia Female  
Slaxsorin Saurian 6.5 meters Barakose Swamp Male  
Kerd Human 8.2 meters Shard Mountains Male Tomarin descent. Long red hair, pale skin. Armor.
Kyrdon Ogre 9 meters Coalition Male Dwells in the southern Sentinels.
Hasfald Human 8.1 meters Borderlands Male  
Grom Magrakian 8.5 meters Wild Wood Male  
Thrad Ogre 9.4 meters   Male  
Dresmora Human 11.5 meters   Female  
Shogelm Secambru 10.9 meters Wind Plains Male  
Rhavill Eshtari 6.2 meters   Male  
Kolsenth Human 11.8 meters The Moors Male  
Kurn Mandalar 12.4 meters Fekwar Mountains Male Only known mandalar giant. Crowned with four horns instead of two.
Chayle Sybrenar 7.4 meters Gulhunag Mountains Male  
Goeshka Ogre 9.6 meters   Male  
Thumsh Orc 14 meters Northen Tusk Mountains Male Largest known giant.
Balmora Ogre 13 meters Darkwood Female  
Bohunt Grum 5.5 meters Falkir Clans Male  



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